Rhapsody (The Remixes) - Damond Ramsey

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Rhapsody (The Remixes) - Damond Ramsey

Post by Robbi on Fri Jan 09, 2015 6:22 am

Listen/buy Piano Rhapsody (The Remixes) -
Damond Ramsey onTRAXSOURCE

Damond Ramsey"Piano Rhapsody" The Remixes

(Damond Ramsey, Sean Spencer & Thommy Davis)

Produced by Damond Ramsey
Published By Quantize Music Publishing & Pavement Productions
Instrumentation Damond Ramsey
Arrangements Damond Ramsey and Dj Spen
Executive Production Dj Spen and Thommy Davis


1. Damond Ramsey “Piano Rhapsody” 12 Inch Mix

2. Damond Ramsey “Piano Rhapsody” Groove Assassin Remix
Produced , Arranged & Mixed by Nick Moss 4 Groove Assassin Music ( JVMedia )

3. Damond Ramsey “Piano Rhapsody” Soulphonix Orchestra Remix
Remix Produced by Soulphonix @ Blacklist Media, Balimore, Md.

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