Those Dental Stories Happened to My Families

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Those Dental Stories Happened to My Families

Post by siruiyingwu on Tue Mar 11, 2014 3:08 am

The reason why Im thinking of a dental-related stories is beacause I've recently installed a few false teeth (civilization way of describing as "denture") and in a ruin-in period, the distraught made the storiette come into my mind.This little story is about my father,who must make things done right away once he start it. His teeth was left almost need a dentures. There was still a few star staying in his mouth,it not only hindered chew but also unsightly, and my father is exactly a beautiful person who did not willing to get the image of the missing teeth to be appeared.

So he went to hospital to get a dental extraction with a dental equipment.After the doctor answered he can pull 2 teeth a time when he asked how many teeth he could get removed once, he said heroicly that im not afraid of pain,pull out threee of it please. However the dictor didn't grant that and only agree to pull out one tooth because of his heart disease and the old age. Finally he sped away after pulled two of it with the position of " I do it at my peril ".

The next little story is about my daughter. Last year she had a tooth pain intermittently and hasn been pulled with her busy work didn't go to the doctor. Until one day in this year we got her to the hospital due to that severe pain and accepted a root canal treatment. Soon after she went to the hospital due to there's another tooth to be pulled. But in a few moments I got a text saying that the tooth was broken inside and they only pulled out half of it, all kinds of dental instruments were put to use,two nurses came to help. All of them were sweating profusely. Terrible indeed!

As for my teeth story,compared to my daughter's, it's just trivial to went to fixe it three times by went a long way in the rain. Now finally im able to chew and glow a good mood.

So please take care of your teeth, do not ignore any details. It is so happy for us to own a sturdy beautiful teeth. Just treat yourself well even a tooth. You can find more details of dental equipment on


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