Where to Play and Stay Memorial Day Weekend

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Where to Play and Stay Memorial Day Weekend

Post by davidshapiro on Wed May 08, 2013 7:21 pm

Davidshapiro.net has the most fun Hamtons Summer Share House.

David runs a different kind of Hamptons Share house. When staying here you donít need to worry about drinking and driving, David has a hired shuttle so everyone arrives alive. You donít need to worry about the lines at the clubs. David has connections. Everyone arrives together, pays one price (usually discounted), and David has a house VIP table so you donít have to pay crazy prices for a drink at the bar.

David also includes your meals, so you donít have to waste a billion dollars on eating out. The food is good so you do have to worry about over indulging. David even tends to bring McDonaldís to the house after a night out. Even your munchies get taken care of.

But best of all David invites nice, cool people. He hosts Happy hours all year long so you get to meet who you will be sharing your summer with and you find out in ADVANCE!

The only problem is there are very few spots left. David sells out quickly. He is hosting one last Happy Hour this Thursday for YOU to meet and greet everyone attending the house this summer. Please call us at 212-579-4844 to RSVP and find out if David could be your summer host.

Please visit us at www.davidshapiro net to find out more about our events, vacations and the Best Hamptons Summer Share Houses.Nowhere else is the opportunity to experience both an intimate house atmosphere and the fun of the largest social group in the Hamptons and have most everything included.

Hamptons Summer Kick-Off Party Happy Hour

May 16, 2013 from 7pm to 11pm Ė

XVI Rooftop

251 West 48th Street (@ 8th Avenue)

The Best Summer House

in the Hamptons



email- david@davidshapiro.net

phone- 212-579-4844 (office)/917-806-4171 (mobile/text)

Hamptons 2013

Our luxurious estate boasts 3Ĺ acres of secluded property on the border of

Sag Harbor and Bridgehampton, with convenient access to nearby clubs,

lounges, restaurants, and beaches.

The Bridgehampton bus and train stops are just minutes away.


Our house has every comfort, luxury, and convenience you could want!

Guests have access to our full-size heated pool; 8-person hot tub; spacious sundeck;

basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts; jacuzzi; wide-screen TV; Wi-Fi;

office equipment; fully equipped kitchen; high-end BBQ; and more.

First-Class Service

To us, constant maid service throughout the weekend is not a luxury, but a necessity.

We always take care to ensure our house is both fun and immaculately clean.

We're also the only house that provides blankets, sheets, and pillows for our guests.

Call us crazy, but we don't think a bed is much of a bed without those!

Also, don't be too surprised to come in on Saturday after a relaxing day by the pool to

find your room cleaned and your bed made for you again. You didn't accidentally

wander into the wrong room Smile

Everything You Need

While some places leave you to fend

for yourself, we think that no house

is ever complete without plenty of

food and drinks for the guests! Our

in-house chef prepares 6 meals

every weekend from Friday dinner

through Sunday lunch.

Flexible Scheduling

We know you have other things going on during the summer, so at our house,

you are not forced into a rigid schedule of alternating weekends.

Instead, you get to pick exactly which and how many of the 15 summer

weekends you want.

Reasonable Pricing

Prices are 20% less than alternatives so that all our friends can afford to stay and play

in the Hamptons. All major credit cards are accepted.

Social Atmosphere

Every weekend, there will be both familiar faces and new people to meet.

Just think about it: If each guest picks their own custom schedules, no two weekends

will be be exactly the same! At other houses, chances are you'll be bored by your

second visit...if you're not already bored by your first Smile

When you arrive on Friday, you will have the chance to meet all your weekend

housemates at dinner. Afterwards, we host a cocktail party, then venture out to the

most prestigious clubs and lounges in the Hamptons.

On Saturday afternoon, we kick back

by the pool with drinks and barbecue

cooking. In the evening, we have

another gourmet dinner prepared by

our in-house chef and a Saturday

night house party. Afterwards, we

take you out to sample more of

the best Hamptons nightlife.


Our pool party on Sunday afternoon will be your chance to say "good-bye" to your

housemates...but since we always take care to weed out the annoying, obnoxious

people for which the Hamptons are known, chances are you'll want to keep in touch!

Of course, you're free to do whatever you want with your summer weekend.

You can join us for all, some, or none of the house events that we host.

For more information about our luxurious summer home,

call us anytime at 212-579-4844.


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