JBird - Worthy of our New Year's Eve event!

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JBird - Worthy of our New Year's Eve event!

Post by davidshapiro on Tue Dec 25, 2012 10:34 pm

JBird - Worthy of our New Year's Eve event!
JBird Cocktails seems to have enough overall appeal to get my downtown friends to join me on the Upper East Side.
It has a unique and trendy overall ambiance and a VERY creative drink menu. if you go out a lot and are tired of the same boring drinks this is definitely a place to experiment with something new.
I even selected JBird for my New Year's Eve event after shopping from dozens of places around the city. I think that should speak volumes in regard to a recommendation if I am willing to bring all my friends there on the biggest party night of the year Smile
If you want to join us for New Year's, you're more than welcome. Details are at: http://davidshapiro.net/events/newyears or just call me directly at 212-579-4844.
Happy holidays.
David Shapiro.


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