Giulio Bonaccio pres. David Walker & Melonie Daniels-Stairways Of Love

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Giulio Bonaccio pres. David Walker & Melonie Daniels-Stairways Of Love

Post by Robbi on Thu Oct 04, 2012 3:43 pm

Listen/buy Giulio Bonaccio pres. David Walker & Melonie Daniels-Stairways Of LoveHERE

Our very good friend Giulio Bonaccio has invested his time and money in his passion of producing and playing music. This project started off with Giulio meeting with David and Melonie in the 'stairs of love' for music and teaming up for a soulful / quality production. The remixes have been commissioned to the very own Italian stars Two 4 Soul a.k.a. DJ Jacko & Peppe Citarella , Davide Fiorese (known as resident DJ of the infamous Urban Club in Treviso) and last but not the least Dash'N Groove. Tony Records always tries to showcase the diversity of soulful dance music, as well as experimenting with new deep house & dark sounds..
Giulio Bonaccio Presents David Walker & Melonie Daniels
'Stairways Of Love' (Incl. Davide Fiorese & Two 4 Soul Remixes)
1. Davide Fiorese Club Mix *
2. Two 4 Soul Vocal Mix **
3. Dash'N Groove Dub Mix ***
4. NYC Radio Mix ****
5. Two 4 Soul Instrumental **
Produced by Giulio Bonaccio, David Walker & Melonie Daniels. Written by David Walker and Melonie Daniels.
Vocals Recorded at SLAAG Dungeon Studio.
Publishing: MeloGurl Publishing ASCAP.
Executive Producer: Tony Humphries.
* Mixed and arranged by Davide Fiorese & Sisco.
** Mixed and arranged by DJ Jacko & Peppe Citarella for 'Two 4 Soul' Productions.
Keys by Paolo Convertito. Mastered by Piergiorgio D'Arpino.
*** Remixed by Dash'N Groove.
**** Mixed and arranged by Giulio Bonaccio


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