Intoxicated with the RocketBallZ Fairway Wood

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Intoxicated with the RocketBallZ Fairway Wood

Post by Scorpio1987 on Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:13 pm

The 2012 TaylorMade RocketBallZ RBZ Fairway Wood feature a “Speed Pocket”, a slot in the sole behind the face to increase the speed of the ball coming off of the face. TaylorMade has seen better players pick up to 17 yards in distance with the 2012 RocketBallZ RBZ Fairway Wood. Just like the RocketBallz driver, the RocketBallz fairway woods will have lightweight shafts and grips.The RocketBallz hybrids will also feature a “Speed Pocket” like the fairway woods.

The distinctive matte white crown is paired with a devilish black face making it much easier to 'see' the ball at address and aid alignment for extra accuracy and confidence. The TaylorMade RocketBallZ RBZ Fairway Wood head also features some small striking green colour accents to make your club look as good in the bag as it does at address. Maybe it is a new year ,and for this new RocketBallz series , when they're launched on the market ,more and more golfers pay attention to these clubs ,and of course the TaylorMade RocketBallZ RBZ Fairway Wood,which has been developed specifically to help increase ball speed which in turn will allow you to generate more distance, this can be up to 17 yards!

The TaylorMade RocketBallZ RBZ Fairway Wood has been developed with some key aims. TaylorMade wanted to create a fairway wood which had a durable yet flexible sole and face with a deeper face design and a low COG so it interact well with the turf. Made from high strength 455 steel, the powerful face plate has been welded to a cast body. This face allows the club face to be stronger and more durable than standard club faces.


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