Mojito feat. MJ White - I Wanna Rock You

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Mojito feat. MJ White - I Wanna Rock You

Post by Robbi on Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:18 pm

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I Wanna Rock YouHERE

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Swift of DJN Project continues to make heads turn and feet dance with his young label Sugar Groove, already on its sixth release in about as many months. For this latest issue, the label turns to prolific UK-based producer Mojito, in collaboration with accomplished vocalist MJ White. With releases for MuSol, Daddy Funk, and his big rework of Edmund ft Natasha Watts' "Fantasy," Mojito is quickly making a name for himself on the soulful house scene. Combined with MJ White, who has provided his voice on tracks by the likes of George Morel, David Camacho, and Mark Wilkinson, Mojito leaps forward with the uplifting "I Wanna Rock You." Chiming keys over a disco-influenced four-on-the-floor beat open the track, followed by a sexy intro from MJ and a completely lethal bass line underpinning the whole affair. The title may remind you of another, legendary song and that's not a coincidence "I Wanna Rock You" delightfully quotes this classic musically, and is a fitting homage that will thrill dance floors with its subtle familiarity. Stepping up to the remix plate is Sugar Groove's own Swift of DJN Project working with renowned bassist Slikk Tim. A grooving broken beat rhythm takes the place of the four-on-the-floor, and Swift's synth leads give an evocative counter to the track's memorable chords. Slikk Tim's bass line is low and punchy, adding dance floor fuel to the track's drive. Instrumentals of both version are available, for extending mixing or just to groove to the melodic music track. No doubt, another winning release from Sugar Groove. A & R for project: Nick Powers Original Mix: Produced by Paul Mojito Satchell Vocals by MJ White Written by MJ White Bass by Brian Shano Sax by Joe Green Remix: Swift Of DJN Project & Slikk Tim Produced By Ruben Swift Vidal Bass: Tim Slikk Tim Bercherand Synth Solo: John Crockett Sax by Joe Green Publishing Info: Paul Satchell Publishing: PRS 608359338 MJ White Marshal James White Jr Publishing: BMI 367719


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