Ron Hall and Thommy Davis - Fugue In Baltimore

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Ron Hall and Thommy Davis - Fugue In Baltimore

Post by Robbi on Thu May 24, 2012 11:58 am

listen/buy Ron Hall and Thommy Davis - Fugue In Baltimore (Incl. DJ Spen, Karizma & N'Dinga Gaba Mixes)[b]HERE

Ron Hall & Thommy Davis
'Fugue In Baltimore'

DJ Spen, Thommy Davis & Gary Hudgins Orchestral Phusion Mix
Kaytronix’s Symphony Of Bass Dub
N'Dinga Gaba Remix
DJ Spen, Thommy Davis Hudge Suite
Original Mix

Written & Produced by Thommy Davis & Ron Hall
Co Produced by DJ Spen
Instrumentation by Ron Hall
Track 1 Produced by DJ Spen, Thommy Davis & Gary Hudgins
Keyboards by Gary Hudgins
Track 2 Produced by Karizma aka Kaytronix for Kohesive/Kaytronik Productions
Track 3 Remixed By N’Dinga Gaba for Global Diplomacy Productions
Track 4 Additional String Solo by Gary Hudgins
Mix Down & Mastered by DJ Spen & Thommy Davis
Executive Producers: Sean Spencer & Thommy Davis
Published by Quantize Music Publishing

Up next on Quantize Recordings is the ‘made in Baltimore’ approved pairing of Ron Hall & Thommy Davis, for the huge ‘Fugue in Baltimore’, which originally featured on the WMC Sampler back in March. Made with the dancefloor firmly in mind, the track is bursting with deep drums, killer percussion and a string solo to really fire up any dancefloor crowd right across the spectrum of house music. Hooky and downright infectious, this is one of those tracks that really leaves an impression – you’ll be humming the riff for days, trust us we’ve experienced it first hand! We’ve gone all out on the remix front once more with 2 massive reworks from the mighty Karizma in his Kaytronix guise, and close friend of the label N’Dinga Gaba once again shows why he’s one of the hottest talents on the globe right now! Added with our own DJ Spen, Thommy Davis & Gary Hudgins this all makes up for one serious slice of goodness… don’t forget to pack this in your Ibiza suitcase – it’s this seasons must have!

Phil Asher – Love the Spen mixes… Great riffing!
Dimitri From Paris – Fun stuff, I like it
Danny Krivit – Cool instrumental
Roog - Hardsoul – Nice!!
Richard Earnshaw - A quirky number indeed!
Greg Gauthier - This is great! Love N'Dinga's Mix
Gianni Junior - Great package! It's hard to pick a best mix
Groove Assassin - Massive fan of the original. Outstanding remix package... Pure Quality!
DJ Pippi – The Kaytronix mix… love it. Keep up the good work!
Luis Radio – Great track here
Micky More - Love this, full support!
Carlos Mena (Ocha Records) - Original mix does it for me!
Syke N Sugarstarr – Thanks for this
Nacho Marco - Kaytronix dub for is the one for me
DJ Biskit - Yessir!! All the mixes are Heat!!! Gonna smash these!!
MoD - This is amazingggggggg… Spen mixes are doooopppepepepe
Spellband - Love it!!
Craig Stewart - Our brotha N’Dinga Gaba nails this mother funker to the floor, great work – now where did I put my claw hammer
DJ Mannix - How big is the Kaytronix mix of this????? Full support
Damond Ramsey – This is fire!
Jonathan Meyer - Great sound for the dancefloor. I like a lot the "Phusion mix" really hot!!! I would like to have full package
Craig Bartlett - Huge was going to ask you when this was dropping - perfect for Southport!
Parrish Wintersmith - Been waiting for this one ever since u teased me with the sampler!!!
Jerome Hicks - Wreckin the clubs world wide - A MUST PLAY!!
DJ Biggrove – Straight born burner!
Katsikinis Dimitris - Nice remixes from N'Dinga & Karizma
Stevie Sole Middleton - Likin the original vibe. Quality as usual
DJ Chocolate Brown - Dope package!! DJ Spen, Thommy Davis & Gary Hudge Orchestral Phusion Mix & N'Dinga Gaba remix do the job here!
Jim Shaft Ryan – Nice track
Flash Brothers – Nice grooves


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