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Dev Pandya is a certified breakbeat pioneer with a production career spanning 21 years. Having first released back in 1990, he’s since amassed a back catalogue of 9 albums and over 130 12” singles on leading drum and bass labels including 4 Hero’s Reinforced, LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking, London Elektricity’s Hospital and Goldie’s Metalheadz. He nowadays runs his own imprints as the primary outlet for his tracks, with Paradox Music, Arctic Music, Esoteric and Outsider each having a unique identity and focus. Producing alone under the names Paradox and Alaska, he also collaborates with the likes of Seba and Nucleus, as well as vocalists including Kirsty Hawkshaw and Robert Manos. His appetite for touring remains as strong as ever and he continues to astound and entertain crowds with his live shows, mixing banter, commentary and chat with breakbeats for a one-off PA. The musical career of Dev Pandya dates back to 1990 when Mixrace was formed with partner DJ Trax. From their first releases on leading hardcore label Moving Shadow, the pair went on to set-up and record for their own labels before Dev’s two alter-ego guise’s emerged in 1996. Exploding across the scene with a string of 12″ releases on Renegade Hardware, Certificate 18 and Reinforced Records, Alaska/Paradox soon became a name synonymous with abstract atmospherics and intricate breaks. His Alaska alias appeared at the same time yet focused on more ambient productions, releasing on labels such as Good Looking, Renegade, Vibez, 720 Degrees and Nexus.Pioneering a style that channels the 70’s funk of breakbeats, Paradox has always focused on the raw elements of drum and bass within his music. Appealing to an audience beyond the confines of a club environment, his production credits include work for ESPN, Konami Arcade platforms and Sony Playstation games in the Usa and Japan. Often choosing to position himself as an outsider, Paradox’s success has never been limited to that of the Uk-orientated drum and bass scene. He has collaborated with some of greatest contemporary musicians the world has to offer, including Herbie Hancock, Bill Laswell, Shobha Gurtu, Toshinori Kondo and Bernie Worrell. 2011 saw Dev release the Ramifications LP (astonishingly Dev’s 9th studio album to date) and the follow up to 2002’s Reinforced Records What they don’t know LP. Like all Paradox albums the packaging was again stunning featuring Triple Marble Vinyl plus a Solid-Black Compact Disc for music lovers and record collectors looking for something extra special. As a bonus, the solid-black disc version included extra tracks and more from the infamous Sample Me series – specially edited breakbeat samples for aspiring producers to loop and splice – and shows Paradox’s commitment to the grass roots of the scene, giving something back to the fans and those he’s inspired. When he’s not in the studio, Paradox is inevitably on tour and continues to entertain crowds with his live shows truly worldwide. Armed only with his trusty Amiga, synths and a mic, he performs a truly live PA, reconstructing tracks from his back catalogue and editing beats on the fly. He has performed over 200 live PA’s covering Australia, USA, Asia, Europe and beyond, and continues to venture into unchartered territory to represent his sound. 2012 will see Dev continue to perform live pa’s globally and release 12” singles on the Arctic, Paradox and Esoteric labels plus guest 12” releases on Samuri and Warm communications. Collaborations with Seba, Nucleus and Robert Manos will all surface in 2012 plus work will begin on the 10th studio album confirming Paradox as the most consistent DnB producer over the last 20 years.

(Metalheadz | Soul:r | Hospital)

Robert Manos is a vocalist/musician who grew up in Europe, East Africa and New York. His first release of note was a collaboration with Alexi Delano on the deep house track “Round and Round” on the STATRA label remixed by Charles Webster and J.T Donaldson. On a visit to Sweden, Robert was introduced to Jesper Dahlback and Sebastian Ahrenberg ( Seba ) with whom he co-wrote “My World” for the SVEK label. From this meeting also came “16 stories” (METALHEADZ) Robert’s first drum and bass release with Seba with whom he has worked ever since. Some of these releases include “Heaven Sent”(SOUL:R) “Move On”(HOSPITAL) “Last Goodbye”(PARADOX MUSIC) “Wild One”(METALHEADZ) “Make Peace”(SUBJECT 13). Also in collaboration with Jesper Dahlback and John Dahlback under the name Hugg n Pepp came Mazarin, Robban and more recently “Sweet Rosie”. Also on Adam Beyer’s TRUE SOUL label came “Before its all gone” . Robert’s first Album entitled “Angel Road” was released in 2009 on MOLE RECORDINGS. Robert recently returned to the States from performances in Europe with Seba and Paradox.

(Konkrete Jungle | Knoxville SoundSystem)


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Raw Q (aka: Dj Beau) is one of NYC's original pioneers of drum n' bass and electronic music. As a born and raised native of NYC's East Village, Beau has been dj'ing underground clubs and raves in NYC, and the USA, as well as Puerto Rico for over 16 years and counting. His resume as a dj/producer is a veritable timeline of many of the most significant parties and events of the NYC/US electronic music culture. Whether it's from his beginnings as an original Liquid Sky and Satellite Records dj (circa '95) to his current status as one of Dj Zinc's Bingo Allstars and a selected tag-team partner of DJ DB at the highly acclaimed and now defunct Secret Night of Science monthly parties at LOVE, Beau has been a truely devoted contributor to underground electronic music and rave culture since the early days. Throughout his years as a performer and respected dj, Beau has been selected as the opener for such high profile artists as: Fabio and Grooverider, Planet of the Drums, Marcus Intalex, Calibre, Klute and has shared the bill with the likes of LTJ Bukem, Shy-Fx, Bad Company, Dj Craze and many more. He is currently a resident of Direct Drive, and performed regularly as a special guest at Secret Night of Science, Let It Roll, and Dream. He still continues to perform at NYC's longest running 21+ weekly dnb night, Camouflage. Beau is also well known for his original music production. In 95' he teamed up with Dj Ani (NASA, Deee-Lite) and created a series of tunes which appeared on Dj Soulslinger's Jungle Sky imprint (the first US Drum n Bass Label). In 2003 Beau transformed into Raw Q. As Raw Q, his music has had a major impact in the world of electronic music with tunes such as 'Vital Soul' which appeared on Dj Zinc's reputable Bingo imprint and was ranked 11th in the BBC's Global Dance Music charts (jul.13.04), which encompasses all forms of dance music. With tunes such as Vital Soul, Caspian Moon, Summer Rain and Jagged Edge, Raw Q's music has been embraced by such legendary artists as LTJ Bukem, Fabio, Roni Size, DB, Marcus Intalex, Marky, Zinc, Bryan Gee, Bailey, Dj Flight and countless others. Beau's goal as an artist and musician is to provide inspiring, forward thinking, positive music for as many open minded people as possible. Beau is aware that music is a powerful tool for unity and positive change, and an vitally essential form of communication.

(Driven AM | Natural Selection | Luv Disaster)

Representing New York City, Dave is a respected contributor to the North American Drum and Bass community. Owner of Driven AM, the premier North American DnB Artist Management, Record label, and Production company. Events coordinator and resident DJ for various NYC parties including part of the legendary NYC production team Direct Drive and recently part of the team presenting 'Natural Selection' in NYC. Dave has released music on Luv Disaster (alongside Dave Owen), Peer Pressure Recordings, Liquid Brilliants, Basswerk (alongside Sol.ID), Influenza Minus, Electronic River Recordings, and his own imprint Driven AM Recordings. His music is being supported by DB, Random Movement, TC1, Dstar, Stunna, Mixmaster Doc, Dave Owen, Kevin Focus, Submorphics, Calculon and many others. A Dj that has performed live more than 220 times in 13 States in the US as well as in Puerto Rico and Spain in the past 12 years alongside some of the biggest names in DnB, everyone from Goldie to High Contrast. In the last year Dave's music has been heard on a Metalheadz Podcast, featured in a mix and interview with Knowledge Magazine, and coast to coast on Dave's various US tours. Dave is a driven individual, whose passion for Drum and Bass shows in his music and live performance.

(Natural Selection)

Born Adam Baker, son of a musically talented father and artist mother he was destined to be a great musician. Growing up listening to David Bowie, Eric Clapton and Thomas Dolby shaped his love for music at a young age. At the age of 16 Adam first heard Drum and Bass at a rave and wanted to replicate the energy and excitement he witnessed first hand. It wasn’t until years later when he had the opportunity to express it first by DJing. At the age of 20, he bought his first set of turntables and a mixer. Quickly learning and understanding the techniques of mixing music, a year later he was given the opportunity to play out. He knew all along that he wanted to create his own music and that being a DJ wouldn’t be enough to set himself apart from rest of the world. Little did he know, that a chance meeting in a neighborhood record store would launch his career as a producer. He didn’t stop at Drum and Bass but ventured into Hip Hop, R&B, Techno, House and everything in between. He doesn’t believe in being pigeonholing himself in one genre and always produces music by feeling and bpm. Currently he is working on multiple releases with Robert Manos in many different genres. Keep an eye out for him and these songs.

70 North 6th
Brooklyn, New York
21+, 10:00PM - 4:00AM, $15

+Presented by Natural Selection & Driven AM+

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Natural Selection is New York City’s premiere Drum & Bass event, dedicated to booking the best stateside and international talent. Since June 2011, we have hosted the following DJ's: A-Sides, Art Blakey III, Adred, ATP, Calculon, Cory James, Dara, Dave Shichman, dBridge, DJ Dust, DJ Marky, DJ Strife, DJ Seen, Goldie, Kemo MC, Loxy, Lynx, Mousky, Random Movement, Raw Q, Sinistarr, SPY, Tanktop NYC, The Upbeats

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