Russian Speed Dating Party on June 28th at Duvet!

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Russian Speed Dating Party on June 28th at Duvet!

Post by nyminutedating on Mon Jun 02, 2008 10:17 pm

NY Minute Dating
( is having a Russian Singles Speed Dating Party for men and women 21 - 35 on Saturday, June 28th, 2008 at 7PM - 9PM. This event is perfect for Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, and
Georgians, etc.The event is at NYC's hottest night club Duvet.

What's speed dating?

Speed dating is a singles party where each men and woman goes on a 5
minute date with each other to see if if they like each other enough to
see each other again.

Here's how it's setup.

We arrange about 30 seats in such a way for 15 couples to date at one
time. Every woman and man will take a seat, and when our host rings the
bell, your first date will begin. Here's where you get to know your
date. You can talk about many things, such as what they do for a
living, what hobbies do they have, or other things. After 5 minutes our
host will ring her bell and every man will get up and move over one
seat where his new date awaits. After another 5 minutes our host will
ring her bell, and the men will get up again to go on a new date. At
the beginning of the event we will give every man and woman a match
card to let us know which of their dates they liked. If the same people
that you picked choose you too, we forward you each others' contact
info the very next day!

There is a small 8 minute break after every 4 dates for everyone to mingle or to get a drink.

The advantage?

At other singles parties you never get to talk to every person you may
have wanted to. At our speed dating event you will get a one-on-one
meeting with every single. Our speed dating events take the pressure
out of meeting people; since we forward everyone's matches the next
day, no one at the event would ask you for your contact info directly
at the event; this takes away the pressure of having to reject anyone
on the spot. At the end of the day, if two people pick each other, then
they are matches. You can pick as many people as you like. Some times a
person can get as many as 3 matches in one single night! Further, our
participants are intelligent, professional men and women, who have a
lot to offer in love and friendship.

Finally, has
been in the speed dating business since 2007. Chances are our event is
close to being sold out, so visit our site right away to register!

The cost is only $30.

You have to register for this event via out website,

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