Ping G20 Blue Irons Graphite Shaft at Golf Shop Online

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Ping G20 Blue Irons Graphite Shaft at Golf Shop Online

Post by Kokogolf on Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:19 pm

With the Ping G20 Irons Graphite you'll hit the ball long but with distance control. PING designers engineered extreme forgiveness and predictable distance control into the G20 irons. The Ping G20 Irons Graphite is available at best golf shop. The cavity's floating CTP structure stabilizes the face and its aluminum badge with elastomer heel and toe sections produces a solid feel and sound. The Ping G20 Irons 3-9 SW, Graphite/Steel Shaft, Blue,black, yellow, red and other colors are available at golf shopping shop online.
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The reason why golfers would like to choose Ping G20 Irons Graphite?
For many golfers, graphite shafts are mostly a personal preference decision. They are lighter in weight, which may feel more comfortable to you. Also, some golfers may think graphite shafts are a sort of status symbol. One of the major reasons to consider Ping G20 Irons graphite shafts is that they reduce the shock at impact. The weight difference in graphite shafts can also help in a couple of other areas. Graphite shafts can weigh between half to thirty percent less than steel shafts. Ping G20 Irons graphite shafts are recommended many times for senior, women, and mid handicap golfers to add distance without having to change their golf swing or their clubs.

Three Features of Ping G20 Irons Graphite: Distance Control ,The cavity's floating CTP structure stabilizes a thin face to generate fast ball speeds and enhance distance control. Thin Face, A multi-material cavity badge made with soft elastomer heel and toe sections improves feel and sound. Optimized CG Position, Weight saved by thinning the face allowed Ping engineers to redistribute weight to the perimeter and the back flange, which positions the CG low and back to launch the ball higher and longer.

Ping G20 Irons Graphite Reviews:The Ping G20 irons replace the G15 irons and the 10% thinner face is the same size as the previous model, which enables Ping to move the weight saved into the sole of the club. The G20 has a wider sole than its predecessor, particularly in the toe area, which increases the moment of inertia and forgiveness of the iron.


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