Start The New Year 2012 Right - Save 10% on all products at (All-Natural & Powerful Ingredients)

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Start The New Year 2012 Right - Save 10% on all products at (All-Natural & Powerful Ingredients)

Post by vigarc on Tue Dec 27, 2011 7:52 am

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All-Natural & Powerful Ingredients

When we set out to make our formulas, everyone called us crazy. “That is WAY too expensive,” they told us. And for a traditional supplement manufacturer they would have been right. But where they saw obstacles we saw opportunity. If no one was making formulas with these kind of ingredients because it was too expensive, then we would have the best formulas in existence. And so Onnit™ was born.

We licensed a proprietary antioxidant and proven DNA repair supplement called AC-11, and from there went lab by lab looking for the best ingredients money could buy. When we put them all together with the help of a world renowned naturopath, after a lot of testing and research we knew we created something unique. The results for many have been instantaneous and Onnit™ is proud of its thousands of lifetime customers. We honor our money back guarantee for any who are unsatisfied and strive to constantly learn from our customers and improve our formulas at every possible opportunity.

Unleashing Your Mental Potential

What is that thing you wish you could do? Is it work left unfinished, an idea left untried, or a challenge you have yet to overcome? Perhaps all that is missing is the right test score, or a little more mental discipline? Maybe it is as trivial as beating your nemesis in a game of chess, or conquering the Friday crossword puzzle… Alpha Brain™ is designed with all of that in mind. The first complete balanced nootropic ever created, Alpha Brain™ works on several fronts to improve cognitive function, mental drive, and foster creativity through the dream state. Acetylcholine boosting supplements raise sharpness and acuity, while powerful antioxidants give you mental drive and help eliminate brain fog. Dopamine boosting herbs, along with GABA and Oatstraw help with focus and mental calm, because a frantic mind is not an Alpha mind. Be one of the thousands to try this revolutionary product, and order now!

ShroomTech™ Sport: The Science Of Performance Mushrooms

Traditional cultures have revered the medicinal power of the mushroom for thousands of years. But it wasn’t until 1993 when 3 track athletes broke 5 world records after rigorous supplementation with the caterpillar fungus (cordiceps sinensis) that the athletic community started to pay attention. Since then, clinical studies have demonstrated that cordyceps increases cellular energy (ATP production), reduces fatigue, and dramatically expands oxygen utilization.

ShroomTech™ Sport harnesses the power of cordyceps sinensis offering over 1 gram per dose, and combines it with powerful adaptogens including rhodiola and siberian ginseng. Green Tea extract, a potent antioxidant also proven to enhance athletic performance, and methylcobalamin, the go-to supplement for professional basketball players who need to play through fatigue and sickness, finish off this formula that is designed for both professional and amateur athletes alike. The result is incredibly clean energy that operates on the cellular level, giving you stamina to go farther into your workouts and a competitive edge that any athlete can take into the field, the ring, starting line, or the court. With no heavy stimulants, all natural ingredients, and only positive health benefits ShroomTech™ Sport is ideal for daily use and safe under all doping and banned substances regulations.

Find Nirvana with New Mood™

Men and women have sought Nirvana ever since Siddhartha found it under the Bodhi tree. They have traveled far and wide to learn the teachings that would bring them to this state of perfect peace, perfect calm, and perfect happiness. But without the proper bio-chemical and neurotransmitter balance, a state of tranquil bliss is virtually impossible. New Mood™ is designed to bring you into an optimal balance, combining the two crucial building blocks of serotonin, L-tryptophan and 5-HTP, with a bevy of minerals, vitamins and herbs that can help induce a state of meditative calm and positive mood.

Crucial for situations of inadequate rest or heightened stress & anxiety, when the body is not able to produce adequate serotonin, New Mood™ is also ideal for daily use. Combined with a regimen of Alpha Brain, all 4 major neurotransmitters will be elevated, contributing to a state of optimal neuro-emotional function that equates to you being at your very best. The New Mood™ formula has its basis in the original Onnit™ RollOVER® formula, and fans of RollOVER® will find the subtle improvements in stress relief a welcome addition with no tangible sacrifice as a tool to assist in exhaustion recovery.

Take advantage of deep savings with our combo packs, and never spend another day under your own personal raincloud!


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