Monday, October 31st 2011...Webster Hall presents the official NYC Halloween Parade Afterparty. WEBSTER HELL

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Monday, October 31st 2011...Webster Hall presents the official NYC Halloween Parade Afterparty. WEBSTER HELL

Post by special events on Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:01 am

is a once in a lifetime event. All 4 massive floors of Webster Hall transform into a twisted mausoleum filled with heart-pounding dance music. Sensual fire performances mesmerize the crowd as flying Vampires soar high over their heads in the Grand Ballroom. Thousands of revelers, hidden behind masks and disguised as freakish inversions of their former selves, eagerly attend what is hands down the biggest Halloween party in NYC every year.

General Admission
$ 35
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Throughout the evening, guests witness a series of mind-blowing spectacles. At the stroke of Midnight, with flames blazing, an innocent virgin is picked from the crowd. Stripped of her clothing and dignity, the crowd watches as she is ritualistically sacrificed on a massive pentagram hung 40 feet in the air.

At 1am, Webster Hell's world famous $5000 cash costume contest begins. This is not an ordinary costume contest where some CVS makeup and fake blood will get you the cash. This is the king of all costume contests, where ONE winner walks home with $5000 cold hard CASH. Expect to see some of the most creative and complex costumes seen anywhere. Click here to look at a few of the amazing costumes from Webster Hell's past.

7PM: The NYC Halloween Parade officially begins on 6th av. and Spring St.. Experience the official Webster Hall party float in full effect.

8PM: Doors open to WEBSTER HELL...The Official NYC Halloween Parade Afterparty.

Hungry Vampires soar high above the crowd in the Grand Ballroom in search of their next victim. Wicked demons dance and taunt the masses. Shocking fire displays will leave you speechless. Thousands of masked revelers experience the delight and horror of Webster Hell as all four floors are overrun by the largest array of gruesome spectacles seen nowhere else.

AFTER MIDNIGHT: Witness...The Virgin Sacrifice. An innocent virgin is selected from the crowd, stripped down to nothing on stage and ritualistically sacrificed while the crowd watches in voyeuristic satisfaction!

1AM: The World famous costume contest costume walks home with $5000 Cold Hard CASH!

2AM: Experience the Basement Bloodbath. Dance under the violent lasers and strobe lights in the basement as the underground dance floor is sprayed with over 1000 gallons of freshly harvested human blood.


Webster Hell's Gates open: 8pm

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