Kindle Fire will force Android tablet pc price cutting 1

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Kindle Fire will force Android tablet pc price cutting 1

Post by carter1516 on Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:00 pm

In the amazon on Wednesday launched only $199 price of Kindle Fire after the Dropad A9N tablet pc, Asian technology companies to face the Ramos W10 tablet computer price pressure.

From SONY, samsung to large Asian Saayi A9N tablet computer manufacturers are making the ambitious plans to challenge apple, the latter, the iPad has become the emerging field of the gold standard. Although these manufacturers of equipment are introduced to follow apple iPad, but basic pricing and $499 iPad at the same price, so don't have a real hand from apple to take too much share.

So far, samsung is considered to be one of the biggest challenger iPad, but some analysts think that the market second position may let is located in the much-anticipated Fire. Because apple is through the patent litigation stop samsung Haipad M9 tablet pc in Australia, the United States and Germany, etc, make the company sales of the tablet computer marketing strategy resistance.

Kindle Fire although the lack of a camera and 3 G module are popular features, but is likely to other Android Haipad M9+ tablet pc on the death knell. The UK market research company "in the Haipad M9 XEON tablet computer, the price is very important. The market competition is failed to attract users, because their price and iPad similar, but content but not and dash."


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