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Natural Selection & Driven AM present:

Friday, September 30th, 2011


(Detail Recordings | Soul:R | UK)

Having already released across a host of leading labels, including Soul:r, Digital Soundboy, Creative Source, Bingo and 31 Records, and now his own Detail Recordings. Lynx has established himself firmly at the forefront of a fresh new sound within drum & bass. A producer par-excellence, his tracks range in style from straight-up dancefloor funk to deep and boundary-pushing beats but always maintain the attention to detail that has come to be Lynx's trademark. "Electronic Genius" - DJ Fabio (BBC RADIO 1)... "Brilliant" - Laurent Garnier... "A landmark in D&B history" - DJ Teebee... "The most conceptually brilliant D&B record of the modern era... simply irresistible" - Knowledge Mag... "This is a creative tour de force of genuine songs, that puts its home genre to shame, sheer genius: 9/10" - IDJ Mag... "gives hope to all those becoming disillusioned with the current state of musical affairs in D&B" - ATM Mag... Lynx is currently working on his 2nd album to be released on Detail Recordings in September 2011.


KEMO joined forces with LYNX in 2009 to create and release the critically acclaimed “The Raw Truth” album. The intricate production and mesmerizing vocals of the uniquely innovative “The Raw Truth” LP led to it being nominated as Best Album at the official DNBA Awards 2009.

(Metalheadz | Hospital | Creative Source | Peer Pressure | Driven AM / Detroit)

Causing much commotion and change over the last few years has been Detroit, Michigan’s own Sinistarr. Combining the native sounds of Detroit techno, electro and house into his own stew, Sinistarr gained the attention from tastemakers like Fabio early on, who had Sinistarr’s “Leeroy Jenkins” pegged early for the mighty Creative Source. While that didn’t pan out (“Leeroy Jenkins” later ended up on Influence), this did not slow his roll down one bit. Aside from the “Leeroy Jenkins” 12”, he also signed a 12” to Nu Directions (“Anorak” / “Nubienne”), released an EP (“Something’s Working” on Blu Saphir Digital) and dropped a tune called “Recovery” on Deep Soul Music’s Future Without A Past CD compilation. Horizons Music has picked up on his “Lynx Is Playing At My House” lick (with whom he’s recently inked a nice deal with), not to mention a 12” for Creative Source in the future. Aside from the production side of things, he’s also a solid DJ, spinning mixes for a number of podcasts (BBS Bookings, Sonorous Music, etc.) and club dates, and spend time as an A&R for San Diego’s Peer Pressure Recordings, helping get quality producers the world over some much-needed shine. Towards the end of 2009, Sinistarr signed to Hospital Records, and in 2010 Sinistarr signed to the legendary Metalheadz!

(Driven AM | Direct Drive | Burner Brothers | Subsonik Sound)

For the last 15 years, real heads can’t think about Drum & Bass in New York City without mentioning DJ Seen’s name. He’s championed the scene since 1994, back when the Ragga vibes were running rampant, and is still promoting Drum & Bass’s evolution to this day. He is a man who is well-respected for his no-nonsense approach to quality sets and is also seen as an acclaimed producer with his work alongside DJ Wally/Pish Posh. He is also most notably known for his work as 1/3 of The Burner Brothers, a crew whose productions have graced numerous labels including Jungle Sky, Magic Vinyl, Steppasoundz and Rawkuts. Let’s take a step back, though… Back in early 1996, DJ Seen helped form the Audio Arcade with MC Panik, of Konkrete Jungle fame, whose mission was to be a passageway, or arcade, for which to represent Drum & Bass to the fullest. It was nearly three years later when Seen started producing alongside DJ Wally/Pish Posh, most notably with “The Monsta” from Pish Posh’s Up Jumps the Boogie CD. This was the perfect union: Seen already had the pulse of the dance-floor tapped and DJ Wally/Pish Posh’s established reputation, they created some truly unique American Drum & Bass. This, of course, caused quite a commotion. To this day, many East Coast American Drum & Bass fans first related to DJ Wally & Seen when they thought of homegrown Drum & Bass artists. This union helped lead to numerous releases on Rawkus’ Rawkuts imprint, a label which would soon give DJ Seen the title of label manager. Although the label folded along with Rawkus, Seen’s work as manager helped further establish the brand on a more international level, scoring unforgettable releases like the “Oh No” remixes by John B, as well as tracks from producers like Gridlok, Jo-S, JuJu and KC. In this time period, Drum & Bass’s own treacherous 3, The Burner Brothers (DJ Seen, Pish Posh & Chris Thomas), were born. Their productions gained much praise and rewinds, both stateside and within the hands of top UK selectors. For a time, DJ Seen fell silent from the more mainstream-side of Drum & Bass, even though he still held it down as resident DJ at NYC’s Direct Drive ( In 2006, he stopped his work with various labels to better concentrate on his own productions and DJing. As a result, DJ Seen is known to be one of the most hard-working DJs in the New York area; packing the Drum & Bass rooms at weeklies and parties in Atlanta, South Beach, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other US cities. He is still holding it down at Direct Drive and in 2008 has not only mentioned that he has a serious batch of solo tunes, but he is also working on new material for a full length album with The Burner Brothers! One can only hope that 2009 and beyond sees DJ Seen and the Burner Brothers take back the crown and chart a new path to that next level…


(Driven AM | Natural Selection | Luv Disaster | Peer Pressure)

Representing New York City, Dave is a respected contributor to the North American Drum and Bass community. Owner of Driven AM, the premier North American DnB Artist Management, Record Label, and Production company. Events coordinator and resident DJ for various NYC parties including part of the legendary NYC production team Direct Drive and recently part of the team presenting 'Natural Selection' in NYC. Dave has released music on Luv Disaster (alongside Dave Owen), Peer Pressure Recordings, Liquid Brilliants, Basswerk (alongside Sol.ID), Influenza Minus, Electronic River Recordings, and his own imprint Driven AM Recordings. His music is being supported by DB, Random Movement, TC1, Dstar, Stunna, Mixmaster Doc, Dave Owen, Kevin Focus, Submorphics, Calculon and many others. A Dj that has performed live more than 200 times in 12 States in the US as well as in Puerto Rico and Spain in the past 12 years alongside some of the biggest names in DnB, everyone from Goldie to High Contrast. In the last year Dave's music has been heard on a Metalheadz Podcast, featured in a mix and interview with Knowledge Magazine, and coast to coast on Dave's January US tour. Dave is a driven individual, whose passion for Drum and Bass shows in his music and live performance.

(Natural Selection / NY)

Front Room
70 North 6th
Brooklyn, New York
21+, $15, 10:00PM - 4:00AM

Inquiries & Mailing List:

Natural Selection is NYC premium Drum and Bass party, regularly bringing out the best names in the world wide Drum and Bass scene

Upcoming Events:
9/16 Natural Selection 004: S.P.Y, D-BRIDGE, ROBERT MANOS -
9/30 Natural Selection 005: LYNX & KEMO, SINISTARR -

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