SWIRL ~ After-Work ClassicFetish™ Play Party NYC

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SWIRL ~ After-Work ClassicFetish™ Play Party NYC

Post by GlamourDomme on Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:15 pm

SWIRL ~ After-Work ClassicFetish™ Play Party

DATE: Thursday, August 18, 2011
TIME: 6:00PM – Midnight
EVENT TYPE: Casual Meet & Greet, Fetish Art Party
CONTACT: http://PartyDomme.com

~ Advanced Online Discounts - see below

NOTE: Capitalized words are intentional.

SWIRL ~ After-Work ClassicFetish™Play Party ~ blending your Fetish with your vanilla!

Presented by The Mistress Didi*’s PartyDomme Productions

Read the review of SWIRL 7/28 in Socially Superlative

SWIRL is created for you to be able to attend a PRIVATE, Fetish gathering straight from work, have good conversations with good people, enjoy nice wines and hors d’oeuvres, Play, and still get enough rest to work the next day!

SWIRL is carefully designed for you to chillax, converse, commune with like energies and minds, and meet people you actually want to Play with! The Mistress Didi*s “Fetish Squires” will introduce you to partiers and monitor the comfort zone for an excellent ambiance. SWIRL attends to your desire to entertain what thrills you in a civilized, adult environment that appeals to your senses and sensibilities.

The Mistress Didi*s MUSIC is specifically formulated for a multi-cultural & comfortable groove, played at conversational decibel levels, and to boost your endorphin flow for added pleasure! SWIRL gives you the opportunity to be Fetishly creative in so many ways while keeping it easy, simple and comfortable. Don't forget to bring a Toy or two!

SWIRL is NOT a pay-to-play type of party. It is a REAL social gathering of Fabulous Fetishists and a safe space to be your best and enjoy the best that others offer!

You Must RSVP to Attend via www.PartyDomme.com. Admission includes hors d’oeuvres and an Open Champagne Bar with Special Online Admission. All information will be kept private with the utmost integrity. Though not a full-Fetish, dress-up event, please ensure that your casual attire is pleasantly presented.

8/8/11 - 8/14/11
Single Male SPECIAL ADVANCED Discount $30
Couple's SPECIAL ADVANCED Discount $45

Special Advanced Discount ends 8/14/11 - regular online discounts are available through 8/17/11


Single Females $20 at the door
Single male $40 at the door / $35 Online Admission
Couples $60 at the door / $50 Online Admission

www.PartyDomme.com for more info and updates. Party Etiquette is strictly adhered to.

Novices welcome to Our safe, sane & consensual environment.



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