The Best Hamptons Summer Share House Estates & Weekend Events

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The Best Hamptons Summer Share House Estates & Weekend Events

Post by davidshapiro on Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:34 am


If you're going to be out East to enjoy the sunshine,

feel free to join and friends after the sun goes down as we

hit the Hamptons' premier nightlife hot spots.

Please call/text me at 917-806-4171

if you plan on going out with us, or if you need a place to stay for this weekend

I am happy to help you arrange reservations, guest lists and accommodations.

As you may already know, we brought a new concept to the Hamptons this year: three houses, one social group. You spend the night at whichever house fits you best, but most of your waking hours with all of our Hamptons guests.

If you had a chance to join us over the past 6 weekends, you have seen this concept in action. If you haven't been able to spend time with us yet, take a look at the pictures on facebook .


Southampton Social Club (indoor/outdoor lounge)

256 Elm Street, Southampton

11 PM start (dinner available earlier)


AXE Lounge

1181 North Sea Road, Southampton

11 PM start

This weekend, our group will be attending these exclusive events.

Please call me at 917-806-4171 if you would like to join us.

It is my pleasure to assist you. Please call me to arrange bottle service or dinner reservations.

(Southampton Social Club is home to the renowned chef Matt Creason,

most recently the Executive Chef of York Grill on the Upper East Side.)

Our tables are always given some extra-special treatment!



If you had a chance to join us over the past 6 weekends, you have seen this concept in action. If you haven't been able to spend time with us yet, take a look at the pictures on
Facebook to check it out for yourself.

Our daily pool parties, evening happy hours, and nightly excursions to the VIP sections of the most exclusive venues in the area bring together the biggest and, if I do say so myself,
best social group in the Hamptons! No matter how you choose to spend your summer, remember to enjoy it, be safe, and have fun. In my completely unbiased opinion, however, you'll have the most fun if you spend it in the Hamptons Smile
- David Shapiro-the Hamptons Hotline: 917-806-4171

*The Best Summer Houses in the Hamptons*

*Our Three Houses*
Each house has its own unique atmosphere. Whatever you're looking for from your Hamptons experience, we have a house that fits your needs.

Throughout the weekend, you will have a chance to meet everyone in all of our houses. We will host a BBQ/pool party each afternoon and a happy hour each evening before heading out to the top lounges and clubs in the region.

Nowhere else do you have the opportunity to experience both an intimate house atmosphere and all the fun of the largest social group in the Hamptons!

In short, we're the best of the both worlds. In shorter...we're the best Smile

The Retreat
**Co-hosted by**

The Retreat caters to guests from their 20s to their mid-30s. This is the most socially
active house, and clubs are the recommended destinations each weekend night.

The Estate
**Co-hosted by Digital Media Events***
The Estate houses guests from their mid-20s to their late 30s and is still quite
socially active. The weekend itinerary includes both clubs and lounges.

The Manor
**Co-hosted by New York Social Network**

The Manor hosts guests in their 30s to mid-40s who are a little more independent,
prefer to go out for dinners, and enjoy happy hours by day and lounges at night.


All the houses feature full-size pools; 8-person hot tubs; spacious sundecks; basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts; jacuzzis; wide-screen TVs; Wi-Fi; fully equipped modern kitchens; BBQs; and more!

*Flexible Scheduling*

We know you have other things going on during the summer, so at our houses,
you are not forced into a rigid schedule of alternating weekends. Instead, you get to pick exactly which and how many of the 15 summer weekends you want!

*Reasonable Pricing*
Prices are 20% less than alternatives so that all our friends can afford
to stay and play in the Hamptons. For your convenience, all major credit cards are

*Everything You Need *

While some places leave you to fend for yourself, we think that no house can ever be complete without a generous supply of food, drinks, and supplies for guests!

*Social Atmosphere *
Each weekend, there will be both familiar faces and new people to meet.
Just think about it...If each guest picks their own custom schedules, no two weekends
will be ever be exactly the same! At other houses, you will be bored by weekend #2.

Every weekend, we plan a full calendar opportunity to meet everyone in the entire group with a pool party on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons (BBQ food and drinks will be served!)

We kick off our weekend nights with a house party for everyone in our group. Afterwards, we venture to the most prestigious clubs and lounges in the Hamptons!

Of course, you're free to do whatever you want with your summer weekend.
You can join us for all, some, or none of the events that we host.

Perhaps you are looking for a more of an adventure/outdoor type weekend. We recommend:
*Club Getaway*

We're headed back to Club Getaway for another amazing summer of all-inclusive weekends at the best sports resort in the Northeast! A lakeside paradise in the Berkshires just 90 minutes from NYC, Club Getaway offers the perfect alternative to a Hamptons weekend. This resort is perfect for singles, couples & groups!

When you book through, you are eligible for our exclusive special rates.
For the complete 2011 schedule, check out the Club Getaway section of our website. Call us anytime at 212-579-4844 for more info.

Your friend,
David Shapiro
917-806-4171 , Inc.
500 East 85th Street
New York, NY 10028

Upcoming Events:
Party Photos


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