The Secret to Building a Powerful Network: CARE

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The Secret to Building a Powerful Network: CARE

Post by TineMitra on Tue Jun 21, 2011 9:18 pm

Who: Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs
What: Free Training Interview Series
When: Friday, June 24th, 2011
Time: 9am PST / 12pm EST
Where: Online or Via Phone
Cost: *FREE*

Have you ever had someone help you out and been beyond grateful? Or have you received an unexpected gift that really caught your attention? Itís these types of gestures that create a positive and memorable impression and make a big difference when building relationships in business. The best part is, you donít have to have a huge rolodex or a multi-million dollar company to build up rapport with someone. During my interview with Dan heíll talk about his philosophy on leading with generosity, and thoughtfully and intentionally building relationships. A philosophy which lead him to create the MBM retreats where extremely successful people spend a 4 day weekend together in a small intimate group bonding and helping each other out! Heíll also give you some tips on things you can do that only take a few minutes each week, but will have a huge long-term impact on your business relationships!

Dan Lack Bio: ďFamily First.Ē Those were the last words Pablo Escobarís brother left Dan Lack with in an exclusive interview when asked what matters most. Dan has gone on to create a new family for top-flight entrepreneurs and industry leaders: Meeting of the Big Minds (MBM). MBM is a "summer camp for adults" style event company that produces, hosts, and curates 4-day retreats bringing together 15 of the country's top leaders at a time to connect and collaborate. From Hollywood producers and actors, to social entrepreneurs and philanthropists, MBM is an intimate Summit Series like experience for TED type visionaries. Dan also created Pushing Beyond, an interview series focused on helping young leaders follow their passions, served as the Managing Director for Keith Ferrazzi's annual Big Task Weekend, worked internationally for the Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce in Quito, was the youngest president in 89 years of the Atlanta Jr. Chamber of Commerce, and was honored as an Atlanta Power 30 Under 30 awardee.


Upcoming Interview Topics Include:

* Social Capital Ė How to Create & Leverage It (Featuring Craig Pravda)

* Building Relationships: The Easy Way to Success (Featuring David Anderton)

* How to Build Up a High Quality Business Network (Featuring Bob Johnston)

* The Secret to Building a Powerful Network: CARE (Featuring Dan Lack)

* Creating Effective, Attention Grabbing Marketing for Your Specific Demographic (Featuring Bryce Gruber)

* And MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED! Check Site for Full Details

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Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs was founded to teach both aspiring and established business owners how to achieve success by learning from others as they mentor you through the process. The fastest way to learn is from someone else who has already made the mistakes and experienced the pitfalls and who can guide you so you avoid them. Thus, achieving success at a faster pace!


To find out more visit - where you can also sign up for free training along with our business tips newsletter!
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