Social Capital: How to Create & Leverage It

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Social Capital: How to Create & Leverage It

Post by TineMitra on Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:18 pm

Who: Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs
What: Free Training Interview Series
When: Tuesday, June 21st, 2011
Time: 9am PST / 12pm EST
Where: Online or Via Phone
Cost: *FREE*

Do you have Social Capital? Do you know what it is or how to create it? There are many books written about the topic including the famous Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. And it’s definitely a concept that is important to understand and leverage both in business and in life! The ability to develop relationships, to help one another, and to affect change around you is an important part of being successful in any facet of life. During Craig’s interview he’ll talk about what social capital is, the best way to create it, and how to leverage it over time. He’ll also talk about a fantastic game he’s created around the concept, to engage more people around the world!

Craig Pravda Bio: As Co-founder of OFFICEHOMES(tm): Housing for Independent Professionals, Craig focuses on designing and marketing I.D.E.A.S. that build community and strengthen identity. Officehomes(tm) is a franchise of work/live housing that creates a community of like-minded professionals and offers affordable housing solutions for independent professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate refugees, while providing cost effective access to enterprise scale technology, systems and education through the aggregation of PEOPLE, PRODUCTS, INFORMATION, SERVICE and SPACE. During the past 15 years as an architectural strategist / designer / real estate analyst and lifestyle consultant, Craig has assisted in managing or marketing of mixed-use projects between $5M-$50M. He recently launched Mark Your Spot to engage people in the game of creating and sharing social capital.


Upcoming Interview Topics Include:

* Social Capital – How to Create & Leverage It (Featuring Craig Pravda)

* Building Relationships: The Easy Way to Success (Featuring David Anderton)

* How to Build Up a High Quality Business Network (Featuring Bob Johnston)

* The Secret to Building a Powerful Network: CARE (Featuring Dan Lack)

* Creating Effective, Attention Grabbing Marketing for Your Specific Demographic (Featuring Bryce Gruber)

* And MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED! Check Site for Full Details

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Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs was founded to teach both aspiring and established business owners how to achieve success by learning from others as they mentor you through the process. The fastest way to learn is from someone else who has already made the mistakes and experienced the pitfalls and who can guide you so you avoid them. Thus, achieving success at a faster pace!


To find out more visit - where you can also sign up for free training along with our business tips newsletter!
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