How To Attract a Celebrity or High Profile Business Partner! (6/6)

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How To Attract a Celebrity or High Profile Business Partner! (6/6)

Post by TineMitra on Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:47 pm

Who: Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs
What: Free Training Interview Series
When: Monday, June 6th, 2011
Time: 5pm PST / 8pm EST
Where: Online or Via Phone
Cost: *FREE*

Have you ever wanted to work with someone you thought was amazing, but didn’t know how to approach them? Maybe they’re a celebrity or at the top of their game and you feel like you wouldn’t be able to grab their attention. Dallas reveals his strategies for not only catching the attention of high profile partners, but also, how to build up rapport and trust with them so that you can build a mutually beneficial relationship. He has some fantastic stories about doing this both with individuals and with companies. You don’t want to miss this call!

Dallas Hardcastle Bio: After twenty years of being a sales person, business owner and entrepreneur Dallas began listening to what his past customers were saying. No, not the ones saying, "you're crazy", "you need your head checked" or "I should have you arrested!" The ones who kept telling him that he should use all his creativity and gift for teaching to train and coach others! So, a short while later IntoGreat was born and Dallas has since spoken to tens of thousands of aspiring leaders who want to grow, make a difference and hugely impact the world in which they live.


Upcoming Interview Topics Include:

* How to Get Featured Regularly in the Media on a Shoestring Budget! (Featuring Kerry Bannigan)

* Internet Radio: Ride the Wave & Amp Up Your Business! (Featuring Jennifer S. Wilkov)

* How to Attain Instant Media Attention for a New Product, Even If It’s a Bit “Unconventional”! (Featuring Chris Haddad)

* How To Attract a Celebrity or High Profile Business Partner! Featuring Dallas Hardcastle)

* Success & Happiness Redefined: Create Your Dynamic & Delicious Life! (Featuring Michele Mattia)


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Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs was founded to teach both aspiring and established business owners how to achieve success by learning from others as they mentor you through the process. The fastest way to learn is from someone else who has already made the mistakes and experienced the pitfalls and who can guide you so you avoid them. Thus, achieving success at a faster pace!


To find out more visit - where you can also sign up for free training along with our business tips newsletter!
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