Offering- Rancido feat. Lex Empress-Brighter Days

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Offering- Rancido feat. Lex Empress-Brighter Days

Post by Robbi on Thu May 05, 2011 9:28 am

click here to listen/buy Rancido feat. Lex Empress-Brighter Days (Incl. Lemon & Herb and Salvatore Agrosi Mixes)

In a world where we have natural disasters taking the lives of many and leaving people homeless. In a world where we have revolutions springing up in several countries around the globe. In a world where most people have lost hope and have just given up. Even thru all this adversity we can always still turn to music for aspiration. Brighter Days “Revolutionary Love,” evokes the human spirit and gives us reliance of the future that is yet to come. From the start of the song, with its uplifting strings, to Lex's luscious vocals and inspiring lyrics, Brighter Days gives you a loving sensation thru out your whole body and warms each inch of your soul. It's message couldn't come at such better time. It reminds us that with every adversity that comes “We must work it out” because “Our brightest Day is yet to come.”

Rancido, also known as Goodsoul and Deep Journey is one of the hottest new talents in the dance scene. His funky afro inspired soulful deep beats make everybody dance with a smile. Since his teenage years he's been involved with music. While 
his friends were delivering the newspaper for some extra money, he was selling beats for dance battles. Rancido describes his music like a journey of what's in his mind and what he’s expressing in Jazz, Afro, Roots and Soul.

Lex Empress has been singing alongside the worlds greatest DJ’s all around the globe for several years, this former model and tremendously gifted singer finally settled down in Amsterdam a few years ago. With the brightest voice, stunning looks and warm personality she proved to be a rich asset to the Dutch entertainment scene. Her improvising skills are astonishing. With 4 octaves of vocal reach and singing in languages, Italian, Portuguese, French and English she blows away any audience.

This package also includes two fantastic remixes from upcoming talent. A sultry and groovy remix by Salvatore Agrosi straight from Maglie, Italy. As well as a deep and Ambient remix from the Durban, South African trio Lemon & Herb.





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