"Playtime Workshop"(Day Camp for Grown-Ups).Bust stress, get energized

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"Playtime Workshop"(Day Camp for Grown-Ups).Bust stress, get energized

Post by acidophulus on Thu May 15, 2008 9:13 pm

"Playtime Workshop" is actually a Funshop with theatre games,childhood games, movement,improv etc. Simple warm-up based on movement from mime and yoga and then 2 hours of outrageous fun. Learn how to do what all 5 year olds do naturally-play. Non-intimidating. Jumpstart creativity,spontaneity, passion, energy and bust through blocks to free expression. All while optimizing health and healing. No experience necessary. Run by professional clown and master teacher of play. www.laff-a-rama.com. For all people from all walks of life. Immediate results. Get a natural high, feel energized and blissed out


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