Morrisson - New Day (Soulful Vocal House From SF)

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Morrisson - New Day (Soulful Vocal House From SF)

Post by 8DPromo on Thu Mar 03, 2011 1:18 pm

Artist: Morrisson
Release Title: New Day
Remixes By: Vincent Kwok, Benji Candelario, Bulletz, Haldo, Tom Conrad and Andre Bonsor
Label: Eight-Fifteen
Available Now From: Traxsource

To listen to previews of tracks from Morrisson’s New Day single click HERE

Presenting San Francisco's Morrisson and his new slamming track for the new year, appropriately titled “New Day.” Inspired by historic events from years past, “New Day” is a call to celebrate a new day of change, freedom and peace; to bring people together. While performed live many times before the song has never been released and this package contains a set of mixes that will satisfy all punters and their varied tastes.

Things kick off with Vincent Kwok’s slamming tech-influenced remix which perfectly accompanies Morrisson’s lyrics by slowly building on the energy, ending in a huge uplifting finale.

Benji Candelario’s Bump Mix takes an afro-tinged approach with a driving infectious beat together with silky smooth piano and organ accents ... guaranteed to move your dancefloor.

The Bulletz original is a driving mix, with an insistent beat and strategically placed piano stabs and build-ups that continually rise and fall, driving the dancers into a frenzy.

Haldo’s Deep Fashion Mix features Haldo’s signature smooth soulful and jazzy sound, showcasing Morrisson’s lyrics in a different light.

Tom Conrad and Andre Bonsor’s Mix takes you into deep territory, with a minimalistic soulful feel.

Selected Feedback:
DJ MFR (New Mondo, Transport) - “Overall a great release but Benji's Bump Mix is my favorite.”
Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart - “Such an amazing message from this superb package, We love it. Very hot.”
Ashley Beedle - “I’m loving the Tom Conrad and Andre Bonsor mix. Big support.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “This has a positive, classic sound and is perfect for main rooms. Haldo's mix is for me ... I’m a big fan.”
Alan Powell (Solar Radio) - “Oh, wow! A really nice package of mixes. Haldo and Tom Conrad take this track to a new level. Ultra-soulful with a touch of that!”
Evan (Groove Junkies) - “I’ve always been a big fan of my man Morrisson. He doesn't disappoint here on his latest effort. Tons of cool mixes to choose from. Support!”
Quentin Harris - “I’ve been listening to this for two days during my workout. I think I like all the tracks. It's certainly in head and leaving no time soon.”
Alan O' (Multi Storey Soul Radio Show, Dublin) - “What a wicked release from Morrisson. I’m loving the song and the production is very high caliber. This will be a forthcoming single of the week on the show.”

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