Our Parties & Hamptons Summer Share House Estates

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Our Parties & Hamptons Summer Share House Estates

Post by davidshapiro on Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:09 am

Hamptons Happy Hour

Session 73

Thursday, March 3rd

1359 1st Avenue (at 73rd Street)

7 PM to 10 PM

March is a time for many things: warmer weather, St. Patrick's Day,

the NCAA basketball tournament, and, of course, getting ready for

the summer!

If you are looking to spend time in the Hamptons this summer, the

ONLY way to decide where to stay is to meet the people you will be

sharing your house with.

You may find complete info about our three beautiful Hamptons

estates below. If you have any questions, or if you would like to

RSVP, call us anytime at 212-579-4844

Party Details:

Back lounge reserved 100% private for our party

Complimentary appetizers

Drink specials

No cover with RSVP by phone to 212-579-4844

If you're wondering why we host Hamptons Happy Hours so often...it's

only partially because we always like an excuse to go out drinking Smile

The main reason is that we take the time to carefully build our group. We

make sure to weed out the "socially disabled" while continuing to invite

more and more quality people to join us this summer.

This year, we have three amazing houses, each one catering to a

specific age group. You get the best of everything: an intimate, friendly

atmosphere within your house of choice, plus a chance to be a part of the

largest social group in the Hamptons! Our BBQs, happy hours, and

excursions to the top lounges and clubs bring together guests from

across all 3 houses.

Bottom line...we are committed to putting together the best group of people that the Hamptons has ever seen!

Click here to see  photos of all 3 houses

House #1: The Retreat

The Retreat, catering to guests in their 20s and early 30s, will host the youngest group

and accordingly be the most socially active house. Clubs will be the recommended

destinations each weekend night.

House #2: The Estate

The Estate will host a more balanced group of 20- and 30-somethings and will still

be quite socially active. The itinerary may include both clubs and lounges.

House #3: The Manor

The Manor will host guests ages 30s and 40s who are more independent, prefer to go out for dinners, enjoy happy hours by day & lounges by night.


Our guests get to enjoy our full-size heated pools; 8-person hot tubs; spacious

sundecks; basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts; jacuzzis; wide-screen TVs;

Wi-Fi; fully equipped modern kitchens; BBQs; and more!

Flexible Scheduling

We know you have other things going on during the summer, so at our houses, you are not forced into a rigid schedule of alternating weekends. Instead, you get to pick exactly which and how many of the 15 summer weekends you want!

Reasonable Pricing

Prices are 20% less than anywhere else so that all our friends can afford

to stay and play in the Hamptons.

All major credit cards are accepted and payment plans are available.

Everything You Need!

While some places leave you to fend

for yourself, we think no house is ever

complete without a generous supply

of food, drinks, and supplies for the


Social Atmosphere

Each weekend, there will be both familiar faces and new people to meet!

Just think about it...If each guest picks their own custom schedules, no two weekends will  be exactly the same! 

At other houses, chances are you will be bored by weekend #2.

We also plan a full social calendar, including only the most prestigious clubs, lounges, restaurants, and events.  While most guests opt for the convenience and camaraderie of our suggested events, you are welcome to stay in and relax or plan your own weekend vacation.


The actual people who visit our Hamptons estates aren't nearly as cheesy looking as these fake Clipart people Smile

If you want to see what the real people who visit our houses look like, 

check out our photos from last summer at 


Celebrate Purim with us!

Purim Party


Thursday, March 3rd

307 E 53rd St (btwn 1st & 2nd Ave)

9 PM to 2 AM

To celebrate the holiday of Purim, eat, drink, and be merry with all the

members of DavidShapiro.net, JDate®, and HurryDate® at Copia on

March 3rd!

While this event is geared primarily towards Jewish singles, all are

welcome regardless of religion or relationship status. In other words, don't

worry if you don't know what Purim is...or even how to pronounce it Smile

Party Details:

Back lounge reserved

2-for-1 drinks from 9 to 11 PM

Complimentary appetizers

$15 in advance; $20 at the door. You can get your discounted

advance tickets from http://davidshapiro.net/purim.asp while

quantities last.

For more information about our Hamptons houses or any of our upcoming

events, call us anytime.

See you Thursday at Session 73!

Your friend,

David Shapiro


davidshapiro.net, Inc.

500 East 85th Street

New York, NY 1002

What is DavidShapiro.net?

DavidShapiro.net is the leading social networking company in the New York City area, with over 250,000 members and ten years of experience throwing parties and planning vacations for upscale young Manhattan professionals.

Our events are geared towards trendy partygoers in their 20s and 30s who know how to enjoy everything Manhattan nightlife has to offer.

Our vacations cater to professionals in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who want to kick back, relax, and have a great time away from their busy lives.

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