The Best Hamptons Summer Share House

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The Best Hamptons Summer Share House

Post by davidshapiro on Tue Feb 08, 2011 3:52 am

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House #1: The Retreat

The Retreat will host guests from their 20s to their early 30s. This will be the youngest

group and accordingly the most socially active house. Clubs will be the recommended

destinations each weekend night.

House #2: The Estate

The Estate is going to have a more balanced group of 20- and 30-somethings and will

still be quite socially active. The weekend itinerary may include both clubs 

and lounges.

House #3: The Manor

The Manor will host guests in their 30s and 40s who are a little more independent,

prefer to go out for dinners, and enjoy happy hours by day and lounges at night.

Click here to see more photos of all 3 houses

Regardless of which house you select, you will have the opportunity to

socialize with everyone in our group.

 We will host daily BBQs and nightly happy hours to bring all 3 houses together.

Why are our houses different from all other houses?

We charge less, offer more, and bring together the best people!

All the Amenities

Our guests are welcome to enjoy our full size heated pools; 8-person hot tubs; spacious sundecks; basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts; jacuzzis; wide-screen TVs; Wi-Fi; arcade; fully equipped modern kitchens, BBQs and more!

We Include More Than Anyone

We include a lot more food, supplies, snacks and drinks than any other house! Fresh Direct delivers 20-30 boxes of food and supplies to our houses each Friday.

Reasonable Pricing

Prices are 20% less than anywhere else so that all our friends can afford

 to Stay and Play in the Hamptons Smile 

For your convenience, and all major credit cards & Paypal accepted. 

Payment plans are available.

Highest Level of Service

We have learned that we can both have a lot of fun AND live in style Smile 

We have housekeeping throughout the weekend, an in-house chef, and linen service.

Social Atmosphere

With each person picking their own custom schedules, no two weekends are exactly the same. There will be both familiar faces and newcomers every weekend. We plan a full social calendar, including only the best clubs, lounges, restaurants, and events. While most guests opt for the convenience of our recommended events, you can, of course, stay in and relax or plan your own weekend adventure.

The Most Selective Houses in the Hamptons

People are the MOST important part of your summer experience.

 As we have already made clear, we have amazing houses 

with the highest level of service and all the amenities.

 However, we will not let all our fun be ruined by a those with attitudes,some obnoxious loud mouths or a bunch of weirdos Smile 

We are careful to encourage only laid back, fun, and interesting people to join. You will become friends with your housemates come Monday!

For more information about our Hamptons properties,visit " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">"> and call us at 212-579-4844 today!

For more information about our Hamptons houses,

call us at 212-579-4844 today!

What is is the leading social networking company in the New York City area,

with over 250,000 members and ten years of experience throwing parties and planning

vacations for upscale young Manhattan professionals.

Our events are geared towards trendy partygoers in their 20s and 30s who know how

to enjoy everything Manhattan nightlife has to offer.

Our vacations cater to professionals in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who want to kick back,

relax, and have a great time away from their busy lives.

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