The Best Summer Houses in the Hamptons Happy Hour at The Hill

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The Best Summer Houses in the Hamptons Happy Hour at The Hill

Post by davidshapiro on Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:43 am invites you to come check out our
Hamptons Summer Share House Happy Hour:P

The Hill
Thursday, February 3rd
416 3rd Ave (btw 29th & 30th St)
7 PM to 10 PM

Join us for drink specials and complimentary fondue at The Hill as we look
ahead to another season at our luxurious Hamptons summer houses!

If you are interested in joining us this summer, you must attend one of our
Hamptons-themed happy hours in Manhattan.

As summer gets closer, the prices get higher. We reward those who make their
summer plans early. In other words, unless you feel like paying more than everyone
else, procrastination is not a very good idea Smile

To RSVP, or to learn more about our Hamptons estates, call us at 212-579-4844

Party Details

• Upstairs lounge reserved private

• Drink specials: $3 yuenglings and Bud Lights; $5 appletinis, watermelontinis,
cosmos, and well drinks

• Complimentary appetizers, including cheese and chocolate fondue platters

• No cover with RSVP by phone at 212-579-4844.

The Best Summer Houses
in the Hamptons


Hamptons 2011

After 10 years in the Hamptons, I've come up with a plan that will make
Summer 2011 the best year ever for everyone who comes to visit us. Maybe I
should have thought of this 9 years ago, but I guess I'm a little slow Smile

Each house will cater to a specific social group, so you can choose the
atmosphere that most closely fits what you're looking for. To bring together
everyone in all 3 houses, we will host BBQs and pool parties by day and
happy hours by night!

Just to clarify...while we now host a more diverse age range than ever
before, we still do not host annoying, obnoxious, or socially dysfunctional

There are other houses out there that will be happy to take anyone
with a checkbook. If you need some recommendations, just give me a
call. You won't have to tell me you're annoying...I can usually figure
it out pretty quickly Smile

House #1: The Retreat

The Retreat will host guests from their 20s to their early 30s. This will be the youngest
group and accordingly the most socially active house. Clubs will be the recommended
destinations each weekend night.

House #2: The Estate

The Estate is going to have a more balanced group of 20- and 30-somethings and will
still be quite socially active. The weekend itinerary may include both clubs and lounges.

House #3: The Manor

The Manor will host guests in their 30s and 40s who are a little more independent,
prefer to go out for dinners, and enjoy happy hours by day and lounges at night.

Your friend,
David Shapiro
212-579-4844, Inc.
500 East 85th Street
New York, NY 10028


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