Kitty Kitty Bang Bang-Pajama Party-Just for Fun-Just for Girls 5/18

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Kitty Kitty Bang Bang-Pajama Party-Just for Fun-Just for Girls 5/18

Post by REDNESS on Fri May 09, 2008 8:06 pm

Sunday, May 18th, 2008
REDness & Joann Jimenez
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
The Lingerie-Pajama Party

A party for, by and about strong women supporting each other.

Australia calls it a ‘stagette’, Canada calls it a ‘hen
party’ and in South Africa it’s called a ‘kitchen tea' but at Kitty Kitty Bang
Bang here in NYC we’re calling it a “Rite of Passage Pajama Party”.

Ladies, you are invited for a night of freedom, relaxation and
intoxication. Leave behind the stress of the week and unwind. It will be a
fun-filled night to pamper the queen in us all. Join REDness and Joann Jimenez
as they feature 7 of the fiercest female DJs in NYC; Francesca, Jackie Sommer,
Dat Kat, Roze Royze, Sabine, Rubi and Dat Gurl aka Curly.

Come hang in
your pjs while playing games like; pin the cock, twister, limbo, pass the
bubble, scavenger hunt, cucumber race and all the other naughty games, with a
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang twist. Win prizes or simply be a voyeur. Honor yourself
with a $1/per minute massage or a free make-up application. Bring your friend(s)
who put their lover’s things out there in a box ‘to the left, to the left’ or
bring that sistah that’s ‘waiting to exhale’. Have your tarot cards
read....what does your future hold? Or toss your cares to the wind with the
element of surprise and dance the night away.

Come cleanse and release,
find your voice, put flowers in your hair and thank Mother Nature for your
passion. Let’s nurture one another, make new friends and start the summer fresh
on a night we'll be sure to remember.

You can bring an object of an ‘ex’
to auction or dispose of or bring anything you’d like to pamper others with ie;
chocolate covered strawberries, lollipops, flowers, stickers, candles, incense,
that facial scrub that’s to die for! Bring a phrase or a quote that will
inspire others to ‘run with wolves’ to be included in the Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
scrap book. Bring the best advice you’ve ever heard and shout it out, the
funniest experience you’ve had and share it at the bar or a secret no one knows
to go in the ‘anonymous box’. Share anything easy and inexpensive that would
bring a smile to YOU with others.

Please, leave your judgments and
regrets at the door! Come re-light your flame and let it burn

So take out those ‘batas’, pajamas or the lingerie that was
wasted THAT NIGHT and find your crown, dust it off and come celebrate life with

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