Shameless Bribery Can Win You Free Publicity From American Express

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Shameless Bribery Can Win You Free Publicity From American Express

Post by reallivepeopleparty on Fri May 09, 2008 3:42 pm

Hello Everyone,

I am posting this
free publicity competition to any small business owners, business owners and
entrepreneurs. Please read all the competition details below before entering.

Cheers, Ilana

Join The NYC Business Networking Group's "Free
Publicity Competition".

NOTE: Entry Deadline is Wednesday May 14, 2008 at 5:00 PM.

The objective of this competition is to come up with creative ideas to
promote and grow my group...The NYC Business Networking Group
You must be a member of our group to be in the competition. Membership is free.

American Express sponsors our group and they have offered the winner of
this competition free publicity. See Grand Prize below.

I will judge
the competition and the winning entry will be the most creative idea that helps
to promote and grow my group into the best business networking group in NYC. All
ideas submitted will be used to grow the group, which will benefit all active

To enter the competition you can come up with any creative
ideas. I'm open to anything so get those juices flowing. If you can't come up
with your own idea you can use one of the 5 suggestions listed.

1) You can bribe me with great business contacts, leads, venues or
co-hosting opportunities.

2) You can impress me by getting as many of
your business associates to join our group (you'll need to supply their names).

3) If you're the tech type you can offer some great tech ideas for
growing this group or a design for a biz logo or something similar.

4) A
fantastic marketing idea to grow this group and increase membership or a
show-stopping PR idea that won't break the bank.

5) An option of
something I haven't thought of that you think is a winner. Feel free to be as
creative as possible.


A) A feature story on you and your business
in The American Express "Ideas for Growing A Business" Newsletter. You'll be one
of 5 members highlighted in the “June 2008 Spotlight Entrepreneur” section. The
newsletter is sent to 35 entrepreneur Meetup groups with 16,000 members across
the country. Think about how valuable that type of publicity is. When no one
knows you or your business, any publicity is good publicity.

B) A $50
American Express Gift card

C) A one year subscription to the business
journal of your choice (Fast Company, Inc., Fortune, etc.)

I'm really
excited about giving this opportunity to one of my members and I'm looking
forward to seeing your creative ideas.


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Re: Shameless Bribery Can Win You Free Publicity From American Express

Post by Admin on Fri May 09, 2008 6:13 pm

Very Happy

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