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Post by daiyu123 on Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:57 pm

Very practical method of two bare heels to wear to meet the changing and Mature are like the desire to follow fashion, zippers on both tiffany earrings salesides fold design, along with small round buckle, not only to have your personality type, but also bring out a sense of the instep of the slender, sexy show atmosphere and put it on, so all you stunning as the unique fashion sense. Definitely not a party must have boots NG models, simple and elegant design elements, to create the most elegant knight image, stiffness of the oil leather material, casual jeans or stockings coach outletstuffed, can easily create different effects, whatever you how with are super-perfect.
The origins of Venice, high heels A 15th century Venetian merchant who had a beautiful and charming wives, businessmen often have to go out to do business, it is feared his wife would go out to romantic, very distressed. A rainy day, he walked coach bags saledown the street, heel stick a lot of mud, and thus become difficult. Businessman was inspired and immediately asked people to making a pair of high heel shoes, people. Venice is the place for Watertown, the ship is the main means of transport, merchants can not wear high heels that the springboard for his wife to walk so that you can put her in home.
unfortunate reminder of just practicing the coach handbags outletstudents were on fire off the invincible flying boots a shot life, to death he did not admit that he is injured by a boot District, adhere to as "hidden weapon." Indeed, high-heeled shoes for women, is a great weapon, is another woman's face, can not explain how the height of a few centimeters that make women reborn as to enhance, so a sense of air max ltdmagic may only be used " the greatest hidden weapon in human history "to describe, so there is North Korea. Japanese do not care who the devil under the skirt can be proud to rest in peace
Another story is about high heels Unexpectedly, his wife put on these shoes was very novel to accompany the air max 24 7servants, on board disembarked, play everywhere. High heels make her more graceful, Road see the people feel that wearing high heels walking posture is so beautiful, fashionable ladies to emulate stress, high-heeled shoes will soon prevail again.
There are two versions of the history of high heels, but time is the same dynasty 18th century Louis XIV of France, to look at the heels of air max 2012another legend of it. According to legend, the birth of the modern style of high heels dynasty in the 18th century Louis XIV of France. At that time, many young and beautiful palace ladies possessor, they have lost the lonely palace life monotonous, often slipped out of the house to go to various non-social activities. Louis XIV was air max 2011very angry, issued a series of court ban, but still can not stop the ladies to go out.


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