SOLE CHANNEL- Reelsoul-Spend My Life

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SOLE CHANNEL- Reelsoul-Spend My Life

Post by Robbi on Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:36 pm

click here to listen/buy Reelsoul-Spend My Life

Supported & Played By:
Terry Hunter, Tony Humphries, Dj Spinna, Ralf Gum, Quentin Harris, Mr.V, Alix Alvarez, Darryl James, Danny Krivit, The Layabouts, Zepherin Saint, Halo, Jose Carretas, Marlon D., Adam Rios, Nathan G., Sacha Muki, Joey Silvero, Nick Doe, Dj Timo, Alvaro G., Val Carrique & Dave Jones [Poly Rhythm], Guerilla Science, Jayvi, Billy [Kudeta, Bali], Tumelo, Greg Gauthier, Todd Gardner, Jen Gray, Craig Stewart, Johnny Montana, Conan Liquid, Tom Bulwer, Vinny Da Vinci, Mad Mats, Beppe Gioia, Andy Ward, Paolo Rocco, Nic Holder, Oscar P.

Spend My Life � [Original Mix]
Originally Produced By William �Reelsoul� Rodriguez
Written And Performed By William �Reelsoul� Rodriguez
All Keyboards, Drums & Bass By William �Reelsoul� Rodriguez
Mixed By Alix Alvarez At Sole Channel Studios, Los Angeles, Ca. Usa
Mastered By Chris Domingo.

Spend My Life [Sted-E & Hybrid Heights Peaktime Mix]
Remix Produced By Sted-E & Hybrid Heights
All Keyboards, Synths, Drums & Bass By Sted-E & Hybrid Heights
Mixed By Sted-E & Hybrid Heights
Mastered By Chris Domingo.

Spend My Life [George Vibe's House Tribe Mix]
Remix Produced By George Vibe For Funky House Tribe
All Keyboards & Drums By George Vibe
Mixed By George Vibe
Mastered By Chris Domingo.

Spend My Life [Jerry Flores Diesel Vox Mix]
Remix Produced By Jerry Flores
All Keyboards & Drums By Jerry Flores
Mixed By George Vibe At Vibe Studios, Los Angeles, Ca. Usa.
Mastered By Chris Domingo.

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