Host a Sex in the City Party!!

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Host a Sex in the City Party!!

Post by MissEmily on Tue May 06, 2008 2:39 am

Host a Passion Party and be prepared for the Sex and the City movie premiere!

Your friends with thank you for inviting them - smiles and giggles are guaranteed! Laughing

Remember the Jack Rabbit that left Charlotte into a recluse?! Come on ladies you remember that episode!

Passion Parties are a great opportunity for you to taste, touch, smell and feel new accessories that could enhance your sensuality, take luxurious care of your body, or just be intimately playful!

Benefits of Attending a Party:
The advice of a well-trained, non-judgmental expert to guide in making educated purchases, games, prizes and of course the fun and socializing that goes along with the gathering of friends.

Convenient, in-home shopping eliminates crowds, traffic, parking expenses plus allows access to exclusive products in an educational, fun environment where you can taste, touch, smell, feel and ask questions!

There is no cost to have the Passion Party and hostesses receive a HUGE discount off their order and a FREE gift!

Got more questions? ♥♥ Send me a message - I'd love tell you more about it!

Miss Emily - Passion Parties® Independent Consultant
O.o°•Making the world a better place one Orgasm at a time•°o.O

The Rabbit that started it all:
When Charlotte’s pragmatic friend Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) decided to present her with a Jack Rabbit vibrator, following on from Charlotte’s confession of not getting much action with soon to be ex-hubby Trey McDougal, she didn’t plan on Charlotte becoming so addicted to the sexual prowess of the Jack Rabbit vibe that she would hide out in her room for days enjoying her new plastic playmate.

When Miranda, Samantha and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) finally burst in to Charlotte’s room and pried the Rabbit vibrator out of her hands, millions of women around the world nodded their heads in mutual understanding of Charlotte’s sudden attachment to her Jack Rabbit.

About the Jack Rabbit Toy:
The soft jelly like ears can really turn up the heat. Just turn up the power and these ears provide immense clitoral stimulation. The shaft provides a circulation motion and undulates to your body rhythms. The mid section contains white pearls which expand to create further stimulation. A great benefit is you can use all these features simultaneously! Used properly the Jack Rabbit will take your orgasms to a new level. (7.2 in)

The "Sex in the City" special:
Buy a Jack Rabbit, get a FREE Revelation pillow pack!


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