ONLY 3 MORE SOULGASM AT SIN SIN! 10/13 DJs La Morte & Father Chris

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ONLY 3 MORE SOULGASM AT SIN SIN! 10/13 DJs La Morte & Father Chris

Post by REDNESS on Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:13 pm


As they say, things change.
After 5 years of welcoming us into their venue and allowing us to party with no dramatics, Sin Sin has decided to close, re-open and go a different route.
Like many venues around the city they too have to keep up with the times and cost of operating here.

So, we've decided to celebrate SOULGASM'S 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, one week early, at our last party AT SIN SIN ON OCTOBER 27th.

We are very grateful for all of our supporters, the dancers and the over 300 guest DJs that have graced us with their music. We are grateful for the venue we had, Sin Sin and all of its staff & security.

We our grateful to our friends at our off-spring party Soulgasm Hawaii (look for Soulgasm in Japan & Amsterdam soon!). We are grateful that there is now a Soulgasm Music Label.

We have not yet decided the fate of Soulgasm NYC, but we are happy to be leaving Sin Sin on a high-note, because we know having a weekly party in this city non-stop for 5 years is something very special.

Please keep supporting House Music, the parties, DJs and artist. Never stop dancing.

Once again we thank you all for 5 wonderful, music filled years.

House, Funk, Soul, Soulgasm
The Soulgasm Crew
DJ Brian Coxx, Ejoe & REDness

[center]Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

REDness & Ejoe present
Soulgasm NYC
w/'The Wizard' Brian Coxx

The Soulgasm Lounge presents
DJs La Morte
(Hellenbach, Soulgasm Music)
Father Chris




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