Vialocal presents Your Love Is So Sweet

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Vialocal presents Your Love Is So Sweet

Post by Robbi on Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:52 am

click here to listen/buy South Crew feat. Joe Adams-Your Love Is So Sweet

The new SOUTH CREW project featuring incredible voice of Joe Adams

This project represents for Vialocal Recording's crew an important achievement
because of the different artists involved and, as well, a stimulate to move further.
Toto thanks his family for the support and Giuseppe Alberghina and DjL for all
the special energies exchanged.

Joe Adams the Artist: "I would like to Thank first God for the Arts and the
Spirit of Music that lives in me!! Thanx to my friend Dawn Tallman for keeping
it real with me, and listening to me babble on and on..You are the best.
Thanx Dawn!!. To my dearest friends Kim Armstrong and Guy Davis for truly believing
in me over all these years without fail!! To my friend Olivier Velay, here I go again!
To the House Nation and all of its House Heads, KEEPIN IT 100!! PEACE!!"

Written by Giuseppe Alberghina & Toto Chiavetta
Vocals & Lyrics by Joe Adams (Regit Smada Productions)

Executive producers Vialocal
Produced and mixed at Vialocal Lab (Catania Italy)
&(P) Vialocal Recordings - 2010

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