MODELS WANTED. PR and Advertising talent wanted.

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MODELS WANTED. PR and Advertising talent wanted.

Post by earnwiththis on Fri Sep 24, 2010 7:44 pm

Hello Girls,

Let's face it, sex sells! No how do we turn your great looks, sparkling personality, and flair for marketing and doing something 'out of the box'.

The ideal gal(s) is wanting to be proactive in your life, not just looking to get what the world is willing to shell out...but what you can go out and get! With that attitude, the sky is the limit.

Me, I am a homebased creative marketing guy who lives in South Florida. I am breaking into mainstream business groups with my products and services which include websites, webhosting, international leads group (hot!) and a fantastic gas additive that is ripe for someone to earn a significant earning stream by attending local car shows, sporting events (wherever there are SUV's, trucks of all sizes, and limos....etc). You are limited in earnings in just what your imagination can handle.....with support mechanisms to back you up in the sales process.

Yes, my offer(s) are more towards some creative networking and commission only compensation at this time, just needing a gal or two in the beginning to work with closely and create a process that is successful for your individual needs, hours put in, etc., and then be able to duplicate that success to others via the net and in your area giving you management overrides and commissions.

It's outside of the box's real and it's good. Let's talk how we can put you on the path to earning some significant income in Public Relations and promotions.

The sky is the limit as we utilize your beauty and your brains!

Put me to the test...


Stu Feldman
954 274 8600

Cool Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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