Atal-Hanna Hais Elle (Incl.Ralf Gum+Alton Miller Mixes)

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Atal-Hanna Hais Elle (Incl.Ralf Gum+Alton Miller Mixes)

Post by Robbi on Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:25 am

click here to listen/buy Hanna Hais-Elle (Incl. Ralf Gum & Alton Miller Mixes)

Hanna Haïs


Produced by Ralf Gum

Following on Hanna Haïs recent Traxsource #1 hit: ‘Rosa Nova’ (Defected), Atal Music is proud to announce the release of a new single taken from Hanna Haïs’ LP ‘Love Paradise’, the Ralf Gum produced: ‘Elle’.

Written by Hanna Haïs, Christian Pfeuffer & Ralf Benkert, this single was recorded between France and Germany, and bears the mark of a classic Ralf Gum production. ‘Elle’ is the story of an African model in Paris, hence the African influence in this single and the African backing vocals.

‘Elle’ comes in with a variety of mixes: Ralf Gum goes Deep House, Doc Link & Eman deliver a classic and great Chicago mix, Alton Miller does the Alton Miller thing while young Italian DJs Amorhouse & Fennel and Hanna Haïs go for a more big room approach.

Lead vocal melody and backing vocal melody by Hanna Haïs. Lead Vocals: Hanna Haïs. Backing Vocals: Hadja Kouyate.

01 Amorhouse & Fennel Club Mix

02 Hanna Haïs Remix

03 Doc Link & Eman Liberate Mix

04 Alton Miller Remix

05 Ralf Gum Mix

06 Radio Edit

The digital version comes with 2 extra mixes:

01 Christoph Kardek Deep Renaissance Mix

02 Doc Link & Eman Liberate Instrumental

Release date: 08 September 2010

Available digitally from Traxsource. - -


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