Where to Stay & PLay in the Hamptons

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Where to Stay & PLay in the Hamptons

Post by davidshapiro on Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:10 am

What's the rush?

8 weekends down, 7 weekends to go.
That means Summer 2010 is now more than halfway gone!

Also, the Bridgehampton polo matches start this weekend!
That's another sure sign that the end is nigh...
or should I say "neigh" Smile
(fyi...the event takes place only a few minutes away from our houses)

Take your time calling about your summer getaway
and we will be happy to reserve your spot
for the 2011 season Smile

You can reach us at 917-806-4171 to check on
availability for this or any other weekend.

Note: Availability is strictly limited and we cannot
guarantee accommodations until paid in full.

Our Hamptons Houses

We offer the only selective, social, almost
all-inclusive resort experience in the Hamptons!

Our guests enjoy all the comforts of our two beautiful houses,
which are both equipped with full-size heated pools; 8-person
hot tubs; spacious sundecks; basketball, volleyball, and tennis
courts; jacuzzis; wide-screen TVs; Wi-Fi; BBQs; and more!

Prices are 20% less than the alternatives so that all our friends
can afford to stay and play in the Hamptons.

Not only do we serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, but
we also offer a freezer full of BBQ food to grill at your convenience. When you get thirsty, we have a well-stocked waiting for you. Everything You Need is included with your weekend visit!

To us, constant maid service throughout the weekend
is not a luxury, but a necessity!
We believe that fun and cleanliness are not mutually exclusive. I
think we are all at the point where we can appreciate a good time as
well as an immaculate house. The days of waking up to beer cans
strewn all over the place are behind us Smile
We're also the only house that provides blankets, sheets, and
pillows for our guests. Call us crazy, but we think a bed
isn't much of a bed without those Smile

The people are the most important part of your summer.
We spent the entire winter and spring putting together the ideal
group for our houses. We encouraged friendly, social, and
young professionals to join...and, to be blunt, we weeded
out the annoying, the obnoxious, and the socially disabled Smile
Our group attends only the most prestigious clubs, lounges,
and events in the Hamptons.
The flexible scheduling gives our houses' social atmosphere a
unique twist: With all of our guests picking their own
dates, no two weekends will ever be exactly the same!
Every weekend, there will be both familiar faces
and new people to meet.
For more information about our Hamptons estates,
call us at 917-806-4171 today!

You can also check out our website at

Wherever you choose to spend it, don't
let Summer 2010 pass you by!
Your friend,
David Shapiro
(Hamptons hotline)
(Club Getaway, Club Med, and general inquiries)
davidshapiro.net, Inc.
500 East 85th Street
New York, NY 10028


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