Where to play & stay in the Hamptons

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Where to play & stay in the Hamptons

Post by davidshapiro on Tue Jun 08, 2010 11:00 pm


The Best Houses in the Hamptons




Our guests get to enjoy our full-size heated pools; 8-person hot

spacious sundecks; basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts;

jacuzzis; wide-screen TVs; Wi-Fi;
arcade; fully equipped

modern kitchens; BBQs; and more!

Reasonable Pricing

Prices are 20% less than the alternatives so that all our friends can

afford to stay and play in the Hamptons!

To make it even easier, all major credit cards are accepted.

Everything You Need!

We include a lot more food, supplies, snacks, and drinks

than any other house! You can expect six meals a weekend (eight on

holidays) prepared by our in-house chef plus a freezer stocked full

of BBQ food to put on the grill at your convenience.

The Highest Level of Service

We believe that constant maid service throughout the weekend is

not a luxury, but a necessity! Our houses are both

fun AND immaculately clean.

Also, one thing I've always wondered is...if beds were meant to have

sheets, blankets, and pillows on them, then why are we the only house

that provides them? Smile

Social Atmosphere

Each weekend, there will be both familiar faces

and new people to meet!

Just think about it...If each guest picks their own custom

schedules, no two weekends will be ever be exactly the same!

At other houses, chances are you will be bored by weekend #2.

We also plan an optional social calendar, including only the most

prestigious clubs, lounges, restaurants, and events.

For more information about our Hamptons house,

call us at
212-579-4844 today!

You can also visit our website at



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