Sat, June 12 | Paradizo Presents Brendon Perera at Cielo

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Sat, June 12 | Paradizo Presents Brendon Perera at Cielo

Post by cieloclub on Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:28 pm

On Saturday June 12th Paradizo presents a night in the company of Brendon Perera. The former Zouk resident from Singapore brings more then 25-years of experience to the turntables, along with a refreshing philosophy: “People think that a DJ that plays songs that get peoples hands in the air is a good DJ”, he says. That might have some truth he says, “but how can you play a 6-hour set where every song is a hands in the air song? There’s also a lot of DJs out there playing very forward futuristic music and getting no recognition at all because people just want to hear the same old pop tunes song after song - then you won't consider that person a DJ; he becomes a glorified jukebox,” adds a rather exasperated Brendon. Following an 8-year residency at the globally renowned Zouk Club, Brendon now helms various residencies in Singapore allowing him forays into the studio (he’s already produced a number of soundtracks scores) and most importantly for us, his chance to travel and let others catch-up on one of the East’s best kept secrets.


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