House Dance International, July 8-10-NYC-Get info, tickets or register now!

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House Dance International, July 8-10-NYC-Get info, tickets or register now!

Post by REDNESS on Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:20 pm

House Dance International

July 8-10th New York

Get info, tickets or register

House Dance International (HDI) is the first
Urban Dance Festival dedicated exclusively to the art form of House Dance.
The New York based event features
face-to-face dance competitions in the categories of House, Vogue, Experimental
Waacking, as well as choreography
exhibitions, group showcases, workshops, film screenings, open practice
sessions, discussion
panels and parties.
The art form of
House Dance continues to proliferate worldwide. HDI represents a New York-based
mission to bring together the
inviduals and organizations that have played a role in the creation and
development of the art form. Each summer, the international
House Dance
Community will meet in New York City to exchange information, compete, reflect
on the art form and properly honor the roots
of House Dance
Over the course of three days, HDI invites
you to partake in the fourth annual event in July 2010: whether you are a
Dancer, Choreographer,
DJ, House Enthusiast or spectator, your participation is welcome at all levels. HDI is a
call for House Dancers to unite: to celebrate the art form,
recognize its cultural impact, appreciate
its history, and help navigate its
future . .

Interested in becoming a House Dance
International sponsor?

E-mail for
opportunities, details and packages.

Visit the House Dance International

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