BACHATA Beginner Workshop forming in the BRONX on Sunday, April 11; No Partner Required!

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BACHATA Beginner Workshop forming in the BRONX on Sunday, April 11; No Partner Required!

Post by cindy726 on Thu Mar 25, 2010 3:13 pm

[size=9][size=9][size=9]REGISTER TODAY to reserve your spot...Our Last Workshop SOLD OUT...Space is
LIMITED! (Registration will close once classes becomes

[size=9][size=9][size=9]($25 WITH PRE-PAID REGISTRATION BY FRIDAY,

[size=9][size=9][size=9]The 4 Hour Beginner Bachata Workshop by Cindy
Osorio. If you are a busy individual who simply cannot commit to the usual 4-8
Week Sessions offered at most studios, this is a great way to fit learning
Bachata into your schedule. If you think you have two left feet. This is the
perfect class for you.

[size=9][size=9][size=9]WHEN: SUNDAY, APRIL 11[/size][/size][/size]

[size=9][size=9][size=9]TIME: 2PM-7PM; (BREAK TIME 4PM-5PM)[/size][/size][/size]

[size=9][size=9][size=9]DESCRIPTION: This workshop is designed for those
who have never danced before or danced very little. BACHATA is a romantic style
of dance from the Dominican Republic. This is a popular partner dance is sexy,
playful and surprisingly easy. In general it has reached a lot more popularity
in recent years. More nightclubs are playing it, and therefore, more people are
learning it. You will learn the following: the basic step pattern, giving and
receiving turns, proper body positioning and hands, footwork styling options,
several turn combinations, hip isolations, music theory. Once the workshop has
been completed, the student will have mastered a solid routine of moves to take
to the clubs. It is easy, fun and sexy!!!

[size=9][size=9][size=9]LOCATION: UPTOWN SPORTS COMPLEX, 170 WEST 233rd

[size=9][size=9][size=9]RATE @ THE DOOR (CASH ONLY): $40[/size][/size][/size]

[size=9][size=9][size=9]Sign up with/without a partner. Singles, Couples
& Teens Welcome.

[size=9][size=9][size=9]For more information or to
Contact: (646) 938-8092
Pre-Register Online:


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