Host your own JOITOYZ PARTY!

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Host your own JOITOYZ PARTY!

Post by joitoyz on Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:44 pm

Do you enjoy hosting your own parties? Well, now you can add something extra!

Itís easy! Just gather together 15 or more of your girlfriends, co-workers, acquaintances - and we can do the rest!

Perfect for:
Bachelorette Parties
Girls' Night Out
Divorce Parties
Erotic parties

Become a consultant and:

Earn extra money
Purchase products at a discounted price
Choose from a large selection of toys, games and more.
Receive a free "hostess gift".

It's a great way to spend and evening with friends. You'll laugh, and you'll learn new ways to spice up your love life!

Contact us for more info!!! for advice stories, events and more!

Visit for PARTY IDEAS!

What is a JoiToyz Party?
A JoiToyz Party is a home party experience where partygoers enjoy a presentation of adult sex toys and bedroom ďaccessoriesĒ. A hostess schedules her party and invites her girlfriends over to preview the newest sensual items and shop for toys in the privacy and comfort of home.

A JoiToyz Party consultant conducts a presentation that highlights products from all of the product lines; spa, massage, novelties, and the adult toys. The presentation is tasteful, and educational, but, most of all, itís FUN! The party is interactive where guests can volunteer to assist during the presentation, play games and win prizes. Products are passed around, and guests can rub massage creams on their arms, taste edible potions, and, of course, get their hands on different kinds of toys, from jelly to silicone.

The benefit of hosting a party is that the hostess not only has a fabulous time with her friends, but she also receives free sexy goodies based on her partyís sales. The reason why so many women love attending these parties is because they can touch, taste and feel the products before they buy it and get a more personalized service. The consultant respects everyoneís privacy therefore all orders are taken individually and everything is confidential. All orders are shipped directly from the warehouse in discreet brown packaging.

Host a JoiToyz Party for an unforgettable party experience. Itís girl talk and shopping. JoiToyz offers Theme Parties where we can personalize a party for the Hostess based on what she and her friends like, as well as Birthday Parties, Newly Single and Bachelorette Parties. For the Hottest Ladies Night, contact Layla for a JoiToyz party; invite your friends and she will bring the goodies.

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