Is your email lists getting picked off by ISP filters?

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Is your email lists getting picked off by ISP filters?

Post by BestBizOps4u on Sun Apr 20, 2008 4:49 pm

Hi Netreprenuer,

Who else wants to send out emails to your lists that look great and actually get to their destination?

Are you tired of your legitimate op.t in email lists getting picked off by ISP filters?

Have you had lost sales because people in your list said... "I never got your e.mail" or "Oh, there it is in my bulk folder"?

Zip Sender is your solution if you..

. Have ezine lists
. Send to customer lists
. Compliant prospecting
. Personal lists

Why is Zip Sender so effective?

. It works on a FRESH hosted domain and site.

. It customizes each email with your list information.

.The Zip Sender script is very small, less than 20k, but
extremely POWERFUL as you'll see in a moment. It's
a PHP script.

.It does not require ANY configuration.

.You don't have to CHMOD, or set permissions or set
paths or anything.

.Just upload it to your web host, open it in your browser
and mail. That's it!

.It can send to thousands of emails a day.

So it's completely portable, light-weight and can go with you to just about any hosting provider you want and you don't need a team of tech experts to help you set it up on your hosting account.

But... it's also a very powerful script.

It allows you to upload your list with one click. Most people will load a few hundred to a few thousand emails at a time. I can not g.uarantee the max number is, but it is powerful enough for most people.

You can also run more than one instance of the script for split testing, etc...

As I mentioned above, one of the most powerful tasks Zip Sender has is that it will also allow you to personalize each and every message sent.

It is a simple, low cost but VERY EFFECTIVE list and ezine mailer.

To Your Success,


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