Biatch Corp presents ABE DUQUE at CIELO, Sunday Nov 22nd 2009

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Biatch Corp presents ABE DUQUE at CIELO, Sunday Nov 22nd 2009

Post by biatchcorp on Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:12 pm

$10 Advance tickets available at Resident Advisor
RSVP and more info here

BiatchCorp's debut at multiple award winner club Cielo and his
state-of-the-art soundsystem. We will honor bloody brother from Hollis
Queens, professor-gigolo & bass expert ABE DUQUE. We are very lucky to
catch Abe in town since he is unreachable, hardcore touring and giving
a piece of New York city to the world year-round.

Abe is an intensively versatile artist. There seems to be no limit to
Abe’s musical explorations while always keeping a unique flavor that’s
remarkably refined and definitely his own. He can be categorized as a
producer for producers. A pioneer.

Abe has released his music on several labels such as, Tresor, Imago,
State of mind, Warner Bros, Disko-b, Gigolo, Oval, V2, Vortex, Sähkö,
Mainframe, Instinct, GiG, Tension, Abuse, Mille Plateaux, Sonic Groove
& Rapture.

He has worked under a few different names such as: Abe Duque, Kirlian,
Super Secret Symphony, Facil, and founded the Rancho Relaxo All-stars.

He has released works done together with the likes of Richard
Dorfmeister, Jimmy Tenor, Blake Baxter, John Selway, Patrick Pulsinger
and DJ HEll.

As a dj Abe has travelled the world to play his music. From his once
resident of the famous club Limelight in NYC to many stops around the

Now we have his third album, "Don't Be So Mean". Like the earlier CDs,
it's had its more pumping efforts released as hand-scratched vinyl
releases for the fans. But this album also collects Abe's more
meditative, dreamy side with numbers like "Why Do They Need US" and
"OFMA" alongside the fist-pumping tracks like electrifying "Tonight is
your answer", the optimistic "Life Is So Good To Me" and of course the
two gorgeous numbers "Following My Heart", with vocals by Virginia,
and "Salute the Dawn", a collaboration between Abe and regular
collaborator Tijana T, with contributions from Debussy and Henry


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