SSR pres Suges feat. Limore-Without Me

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SSR pres Suges feat. Limore-Without Me

Post by Robbi on Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:12 pm

click here to listen/buy Suges feat. Limore-Without Me

Suges & Limore return with remixes by Martino

In 2004 Suges was commissioned by an unnamed, yet well-known deep house label to produce a song for them. He composed and wrote it, recorded his vocalist Limore singing it, and proudly delivered to delivered to this have it promptly and summarily rejected. ''This is MUCH too dark and morose for house music,'' they protested. ''Why don't you write something about freedom?''

Dejected, Suges shelved what he considered, up to that point, the most accurate realization of his particular vision of deep house he'd concocted yet, and went on to produce scores of ''more positive'' records ever since. But since we here at Soulstream have been entertaining Suges' recent crusade to ''take back deep house'', we let him dig this one out of the vault.

Suges went back to the original stems and remastered the entire piece, adding some touches he'd always wanted to add. In its current form we feel this is perhaps Suges' darkest record, and since it's always been one of Martino's favourite Suges vault tracks he came onboard the project and delivered a monstrously deep remix to make the release even darker.

Written, composed, produced, and performed by Adam ''Suges'' Sugar for Sonic Ecstasy Productions (SOCAN). Remix and additional production on tracks 2 and 4 by Martino Lozej for Mafia Princess Music. Copyright (c) 2004, 2009 Soulstream Records.


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