Date Smarter: What Men Need To Know About Meeting & Dating Women

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Date Smarter: What Men Need To Know About Meeting & Dating Women

Post by NYCBNG on Sat Oct 10, 2009 6:34 pm

Date Smarter:
What Men Need To Know About Meeting & Dating

Join the guys of Real
Live People Party for this exciting seminar. With the holiday and party season
at our doors, we figured a dating crash course was in order. This class is
limited to 10 participants.

If you answer Yes to the following on. We can help! This workshop will energize you and give you a
new perspective on meeting and dating. We'll help you minimize your weaknesses
and develop your dating strengths. Bring any personal questions so we can give
you the answers to help you take your dating life to the next

* Is your dating life harder than
you want it to be?
* Canít figure out what you should and shouldnít do on a
* Do you freeze when you see a person you want to


* How to flirt
* Why flirting
will make or break your dates
* How to know when to approach a woman
* 3
biggest mistakes men make in meeting and dating
* 5 ways to approach a woman
you like, without being awkward
* What to talk about after first few minutes
of conversation
* What do do when you're in a conversation and it is losing
* Speed Dating Event Doís and Doníts
* Time for Q & A during
the seminar
* And much more...

WHEN: Thursday, October 29, 2009 at
7:00 PM
WHERE: Midtown Location: Address Sent on
COST: $40.00 Prepaid. Receive a
free "S
Tips" handout from the company's image consultant.


The seminar is taught by Arthur, an
experienced dating coach from New York Dating Coach who has been been covered in
the New York Times, Learning Annex, Time Out, Sirius Radio, Downtown and number
of other media outlets. Arthur boasts a very high dating life satisfaction
improvement with his clients and he will give you lots of great advice on
improving your dating life.


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