The Little Yellow Dance Machine with Exacta!!!!!

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The Little Yellow Dance Machine with Exacta!!!!!

Post by Trevis Dane Wimer on Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:08 pm

The Little Yellow Dance Machine

This is the first time I have agreed to get involved with a "House" party in a very long time. Brian "Exacta" Smith is one of our best local DJ's, and now that he is away from the Evil Empire on 46th street, I give him my full support!!! Meet me at the bar!!!!!
Monday August 31th the TLYDM continues!
with music by EXACTA & selected guests
Sullivan Room, 218 Sullivan Street NYC
The Little Yellow Dance Machine is believed to date back over 3000 years tothe Sahara Desert. Archaeologist Grahm Telouisse discovered this buriedtreasure in 1693.
There are many legends about this machine that we arefirst discovering today from art and scientific discoveries in thesurrounding area. No one knows how such a machine dates back so many years, but experts agreeit's primary function was for the ritual of dance. Some believe it was thework of aliens or ancient gods who used this device as we would today as arecord or cd player.
Passed on from one civilization to the next the only constant found is that only one person can use it at a time leaving that particular person with the arduous task of entertaining a culture. It was used during the Renaissance period to hold music sheets of cloth andin 1917 an English sound pioneer, Edward Danville was able to replace thesun damaged surface to bring the Little Yellow Dance Machine back to life.
From 1921 to 1968 the machine was lost and turned up once again in a pawnshop in New York City on August 10th 1969. Since that time there have been11 failed attempts to salvage the ancient dance machine which gets its namefrom the yellow color it developed from it's long duration in the hot desertsun. The machine was sent to scientists in Japan in 1997 and since then theyhave been working on restoring the machine for it's original purpose ofdance and celebration.
In 2008 Philanthropist Keniro Hakasami returned with the Little Yellow DanceMachine to New York City in search of a fitting person who could operate andcontrol this incredible timeless piece. Mr. Hakasami has discovered through an ancient algorithm that Exacta (a New York born electronic music artist)is the next inline to bring the machine back to life. On August 31, 2009 Exacta will begin to use this mystical relic to bring the spirit back tothe club world and to music lovers around the planet.

21 and over please.
$10 full, $5 Reduced!!!!
Trevis Dane Wimer

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