ISO: anyone with a job that relates to the real estate industry

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ISO: anyone with a job that relates to the real estate industry

Post by Kari2000 on Mon Apr 14, 2008 6:56 pm

Do you know anyone that falls in one job category below?

* Real Estate Agent or Broker * Real Estate Appraiser
* Real Estate Title Company Owner

* Real Estate Title Closing Agents * Real Estate Attorney's
* Mortgage Brokers & Bankers

* Mortgage Loan Processor's * Commercial Mortgage Brokers/Lenders

* Home & Pest Inspectors * Carpet Cleaner's * House Cleaner's
* New Home Builders

* Building Material Suppliers
* Contractors: Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing, Flooring, Sheetrock, Landscape, Etc.

I may be able to help them supplement their income right now... they know A LOT of people and have a wide-ranged
'Circle of Influence'.

If you refer someone to me, and they decide to join our shopping program --you can either join BEFORE they do
and get Paid every month they shop (and every month the people THEY refer, who join & shop).....

OR... ............ you can decide not to join (meaning, you don't want to get paid every month they all shop)
and instead----- I'll send you a free gift ..............

Which would you rather have?

Income month after month, or a 1-time Thank You gift??

My business is very simple, and it does not involve any new money to spend each month.

You would simply be referring new customers to shop online or by phone with us for things they ALREADY buy every month.

Our products are safer for your family & home than 'store bought' AND cheaper per use!

Even if you don't know anyone that falls within any of the above job categories - you know people that SHOP ....
and people that may need to supplement their family's income right now.

...... We can help You.

Contact me at for all the details.

I mostly use Yahoo Chat if you'd like to talk about our business that way - my chat name is gabbygoodies_in_tn

$15 will get your referral business started today!

Serious inquiries accepted

-Kari Womack
800-510-0985 (this goes to my cell phone -- PLEASE do not call me at 3AM expecting a pre-recorded message, ok??

PS - this is my ad, approved & copyrighted by me


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