Host a Brown Bag Party & Get FREE Sexy Goodies!

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Host a Brown Bag Party & Get FREE Sexy Goodies!

Post by sultrystarlet on Thu Jul 02, 2009 1:01 am

Brown Bag Party – The HOTTEST Ladies Night!

A Brown Bag Party is the most fabulous time that you will have with your girlfriends! Host a Brown Bag Party and not only will you and your guest preview the newest sensual products available, but you will receive
Free Items!
What’s amazing about Hosting a Brown Bag Party is that you are able to preview and shop for sensual products in the comfort and privacy of your home, surrounded by your friends for an incredible party experience.
When I conduct a party I make sure that your party is Fun, Tasteful, and Informative. I do a presentation explaining how the products are used and their benefits; you and your friends will be able to touch, smell, and taste the products. There will be games, and laughs, and maybe some “Oh MY!”….and there really is something for everyone. Your party is going to be so much fun that you will be tempted to join Brown Bag Party and get paid to party.
Brown Bag Party carries an extensive line of products from Spa to Bedroom Accessories, so there is something for the mild and the wild. Orders are private and confidential, and shipping is discreet.

Why should you Host a Brown Bag Party? Not only will you have an incredible time, but as the Hostess you receive FREE GOODIES!

You will receive 20% of your party’s retail sales in Sexy Stuff! You can even become eligible for Hostess Bonus Rewards (more free love loot).

Imagine having your home filled with your girlfriends, having some drinks, passing around the newest adult toys, laughing and sampling and at the end of the party you go on a Shopping Spree….well that’s exactly what it’s like when you Host a Brown Bag Party!

Get your date book out and contact me for one of the best times of your life. This is the kind of party that your friends will not want to miss; everyone deserves to pamper themselves in more ways than one. Invite the girls and I’ll bring the “Goodies”…..See You There!

To Host a party contact: Bernadette at 347.200.9936 or at


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