BUZZ Topics: What is the MOST frustrating thing about dating?

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BUZZ Topics: What is the MOST frustrating thing about dating?

Post by Intelligentwmn on Mon Jun 29, 2009 7:13 pm

Hi Ladies,
Born and bred in the Bronx and lived in Manhatan and Staten Island too.
I lived through some wild times in NYC. Years ago in the late 60's and 70's we spent long nights to mornings at the HIP BAGEL..Went to clubs..night spots. I remember Harlowe's vividly. Hanging out in Washington Square to watch performers..Saturday mornings.
When I moved to Phoenix in 1990 it was culture schock. Now Phoenix is growing BUT there isn't any where in the world like NYC.
I am a boomer age woman who would like to hear from you about your dating fristtrations, and joys.
I have had my share and write my blog with that insight, and some erotica thrown in because sensually and sex whether in a long term relationship or casual is something I have always found enjoyable.
Yes, I still do. If you have read my blog you know this.
What is it that gets to you about dating?
Straight or gay ( My sister was a lesbian ( she died of breast cancer in 2000) and my brother was gay ( he died of AIDS in 1990). I have two daughters after two divorces .My oldest daighter is a lesbian, youngest one straight.
Dating issues have become more complex. In fact being a woman has too.
Talk to me, ladies. We need to learn from one another.
So pretty much I have an open mind and heart.
Where are you now in your relationships?
I look forward to your messages.
Njoy my blog.


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