Safe, Beautiful Glowing Candlelight

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Safe, Beautiful Glowing Candlelight

Post by Imageglow on Mon Jun 15, 2009 5:33 pm

Glad to find GirlPR. I am a designer in San Franciso and I create + market Imageglow® Candles. More than 50 artist designed patterns and colors in three sizes. Paisley, dots, stripes, toile, damask, Asian, Parisian, geometric, handpainted and classic patterns.

We use a patented process to embed the patterns into the wax. The flame backlights the pattern and GLOWS when iluminated.

Safe - as there is no exposed flame.
Pure - crafted from fragrance-free food grade wax - will not interefere with the enjoyment of fine food + wine (want a fragrance? - put a drop of fragrance oil or perfume on the wax).
Reusable - after the initial candle has been consumed a tealight can be used
- with care, Imageglow® candles will last a long time, but at the end of their useful life they can be recycled on or for craft projects - or they can go in your compost bin as they are biodegradable
Always new - you never see the burnt wick or melted wax - so they always look new.

Visit our website and use the code GIRLPR at checkout for a 20% discount (Valid through June 30, 2009). Or call with any questions or to place an order.

Enquire about discounts for event + wedding planners, retail stores as well as clubs and restaurants.
888 245 GLOW

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